Thursday, March 26

Family Photos

Kristen Snyder asked to take photos of our family, which we gladly accepted. She did an AMAZING job. Kristen, I cannot thank you enough! I am even more amazed and humbled by Kristen's very kind words on her blog. Tears came to my eyes as I read about my dear precious Chase. Although he is physically absent in each photo, I see him in each one of them. Kristen, thank you for honoring my precious boy, thank you for helping to keep his memory alive. Each photo framed in our house will testify to the Lord's goodness and loving kindness to our undeserving family!

I have tried again and again to insert a link to her blog, but have here it is (sorry you have to cut and paste to get there):

Wednesday, March 18

Trip to NC

Jon is away this week so the kiddos and I packed the car and headed south at 4am yesterday morning. We arrived at my parents house at 11am and Jade slept 6 of the 7 hours of our drive (Praise God1). Our time here has already been wonderful (other than a sleepless night for all). Jade has been able to meet family and Carson and cousin Bobby have been able to keep the rest of us on our toes!

I am sure I will have more pics, but here are a few from today:

The two cousins making trouble!

Jade meeting her second grandmother Tuula

Little Jade

Mimmi, Auntie K and Jade

Papa entertaining the boys with flashlights on the ceiling

Thursday, March 12

Happy Birthday Dada

Happy Birthday to the best Dada and Husband ever! We love you more than words can express and we thank God for you!!!!

I did not have a picture of Dada with both little ones. I asked Carson to give his best birthday smile instead...

Monday, March 9

Sunday at the Smiths

We spent yesterday afternoon with the Smith family celebrating Jon's upcoming birthday. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and had our first family dinner of the season on the back deck! Everyone had a great time holding and loving on the little ones and Carson did such a great job being the older cousin. Kiplan just adored listening to Carson read a story to him...he was cracking up at anything Carson said (a real bonding moment for the two). And Carson kept us laughing with the things he said. On the ride to their house I overhear Carson saying the following as he is looking out the window at the farm houses passing by, 'Oh man. Oh man, I cannot believe it. I can just not believe it. This is so adorable."

Here are some pictres of our time together:

I just love the ones of Jade...the wind kept blowing her hair (so fluffy)!

Adorable Mr. Kiplan

Uncle Davie helping Carson fly like a Superhero

The little ones

Carson getting in on the action

Saturday, March 7


Carson picked out Jade's shoes today and wanted to take a picture together before going out to play in the gorgeous weather today (he just thought they were so cute)!

Friday, March 6

Family Bath Time

Getting ready...

Big brother preparing the bath...

Bath time...

Sunday, March 1


For those of you who don't know what that means...BFF stands for 'Best Friends Forever.' A dear friend (Helen Lowe) a few houses down gave birth to her sixth child (Piper) a few months before Jade was born. Helen and I have decided that Piper and Jade are going to be BFFs. I hope and pray that this would be so because we love and respect the Lowe family so much. If Piper is anything like her mother, she will be a Godly woman. She cares for her 6 children with such peace and joy. There has never been a time that I have not dropped by (as an interruption to her day) when she has not openly received me into her home and welcomed me with open arms and rich fellowship. She is not only an extraordinary mom, but a woman who trusts in the Lord and lives to glorify Him. Helen has walked through (and continues to walk through) some trying times. As her faith has been tried I have only seen her press into the Lord more. I pray and hope that our little Jade would be like her when she grows up.

After seeing Helen's blog ( I could not resist posting these pictures of the girls dressed in the same outfits.