Thursday, August 28


'Night-night' kisses to baby 'sister'....we find out the sex on the 8th!

Sunday, August 24


I had the privilege of hearing my beloved preach yesterday morning at church on the topic of suffering. I may be biased, but it was one of the best messages I have heard on the topic. You can listen to it here:

My love, I thank God for you each and every day! You are gift from God, not only to me, but to so many. The Lord is using you in countless ways to spread His glory.

Carson Update

Now that I have been feeling better I feel like it is time to post a way overdue Carson update! What fun he has made this summer for us. In light of me not feeling well, we have spent most of our summer days at home or at the pool. I feel like we have truly enjoyed the simple life of summer this year. Before my eyes my little boy has grown up. He has been so sweet to care for and take care of his 'sick mama.' There have been countless days that I have told him I am not feeling well and his response has been, 'Don't worry Mama, I take care of you." He will then proceed to read books to me in bed and tuck me in 'snug as a bug." He has a growing fascination with his new baby sister (no, we don't know the sex of the baby yet, but he is convinced that it is a girl). He often tells me, 'you need to eat mama, the baby is hungry.' or tickle my tummy to make her laugh or say good morning to my growing belly with such excitement. His imagination grows more and more each day. I will be cleaning the dishes to hear a loud, 'Watch out Mama, the tiger is coming to get you. Don't worry, I will save you!" He has a fascination with rescue heroes (that all began with Larry Boy). Although he has no clue who these hero's are, he will stay in his Batman and Spiderman pjs all day if I let him. When in character he likes to be called Batman, not Carson! As a mom one of the greatest joys has been to watch his love for reading and the Bible grow this summer. He LOVES his books and he loves the word. And another great thing for a mom to see, is his growing love for Dada. He wants to do everything just like Dada. He bought a bike helmet just like Dada, he requests to dress just like Dada, he wants to sit at a desk at his 'office' just like Dada. Carson loves his Dada! Physical developments - he can ride a bike, climb trees, he taught himself how to swim, and is amazing (I am not exaggerating) at baseball. Educationally- he loves his ABCs. He loves to find letters he knows in books and practice phonics of each one. When asked what is your name, he often responds, 'C-A-R-S-O-N, Carson.' There could be so much more shared...I have thanked God again and again for my sickness this summer. It has allowed our life to slow down and enjoy the simple things of life. I don't think that I have ever enjoyed Carson as much as I have this summer and I give all thanks and glory to God for that!

Tuesday, August 19

We are still alive!

It feels like it has been forever since I have last posted. I guess I have been saving the limited energy I have to get needed things done around the house. I do think that I am slowly turning the corner (praise God)! Thank the Lord I was able to enjoy our time away with the Jansen family this past week in the Outer Banks. We are so grateful for our relationship with the Jansen family and are humbled that they would ask us to spend a week with them on their family vacation. Needless to say, our time together was wonderful. The weather was perfect (except one cooler, rainy day mid-week). We spent hours on the beach playing in the sand, reading, playing baseball (Carson's new favorite) and surfing (everyone was able to give it a try...well...not me this time). We took lots of long walks, bike rides with Carson, fireworks at night, yummy dinners, card games at night...the list goes on. The only bad thing was that Jon's surf board broke in two on the last day. It got caught in a wave and just snapped! We were thankful that it happened on the last day.

What a blessing it was to enjoy such a wonderful week with a family we love so dearly. Thank you SO much Jansen family for everything...we love you guys!

Our blue house

Time at the beach

Hanging out with everyone at the house

Some Family and group shots