Wednesday, July 28


We have been away on vacation for the past two weeks! We spent the first week with my family (at their house on the water in Wilmington NC) and the second with Jon's family in VA Beach. Both weeks were amazing.

Here are some pictures of our time together with the Foys. I did not take many pictures, so these don't really capture just how much fun we really had. Dad and Mom went out of their way to make our time wonderful. My sister Kristiina came with her two kiddos and it was so much fun to watch the boys play together (their favorite time was kung-fu fighting) and getting to hold/play with little Samantha (wow, has she changed since I last saw her).

We spent the most of our time on the are a few pics from a day out on the boat.

The boys busy coloring

Bobby and Jade eating breakfast

Pictures of adorable baby Samantha