Saturday, October 30

Pumpkin Patch

Two terrible attempts to get a 'cute' picture of the kiddos with the's the best I was able to get!

Tuesday, October 26

The Mountains with the Foys

My parents graciously invited us to spend the week at Wintergreen Resort with them. We were blessed with wonderful weather and an amazing house. Here are some photos from our time together:

Thanks Dad and Mom for everything!

Monday, October 4


Two of the things Jade loves most are doggies and babies. I found her curled up on the couch today holding her favorite of each!

Friday, October 1


One day this past week as we were in the middle of a full day of school and doctor appointments (Jade has been getting over a very long cold) I was preparing lunch and thought, it is WAY to quiet. When I went into the living room to investigate, this is what I saw...

Wi Tournament

The Jubert Family

We had our good friends over for dinner earlier this week. Suzanne lived across the street from us in Gaithersburg. We developed a great relationship with her and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jubert. It was a joy to see them again...thanks so much for making the drive out to be with us!

Carson grabbed my camera that night and took over 100 photos.


Mrs. Jubert

Mr. Jubert

The amazing apple pie Suzanne made (Carson had over 10 pictures of it)

Some sillier photos he took!