Thursday, September 28

hanging out

i haven't posted in a while...carson and i both got a cold this past week and we've just been taking it easy. here are some pictures of us just 'hanging out.'

Cuddle time with dada

Dada sharing his cup of tea

Can't get enough of that tea!

Carson playing with one his new favorites...dada's guitar

just hanging out

Carson giving his mama a big bear hug from behind

Monday, September 18


Carson has a current obsession with shoes. he must take after his auntie kristiina!! he brings one pair after another to me with a big smile, saying, 'shhooess.' his favorites are currently a pair of rain boats that are probably a few sizes too big, making it hilarious to watch him just try to walk in them. here are a few pics of him trying on a few pairs.

Sunday, September 17

the culperate has been found!!!

thank you uncle davie for my new toys...they are the bestest! you are the best uncle a boy could have. love you! and auntie alice too! lovw you!!!!

Love- Little Buddy

Monday, September 11

who did it?!?

We came home today from the Smiths to a WONDERFUL surprise. Standing in our backyard are two amazing kids toys...cube/climbing slide and climbing/slide tower. dada and mama are excited as carson is! but who did it...we don't know!!! we are on the investigation to find out who the generous, kind, amazing, wonderful, thoughtful culperate is! the rain today did not stop carson from trying them out...he couldn't get enough!!! THANK YOU mystery giver!!!!

fun in the water

We went to the Smiths last night. Carson had a great time playing with bowls, cups and buckets of water on the back porch after dinner. He spent quite some time trying to fit into one of the pitchers full of water!

Friday, September 8

comfy positions

I haven't figured out carson falls asleep in the positions that he does or how he dosen't wake up with crinkes in his neck and his feet asleep. this is by far his favorite position to sleep in...legs crossed, butt up, head planted face down and arms tucked in!

baby chase

here are some recent pics of baby chase (and mama)!

Sunday, September 3

time is drawing near

now that Chase's birth is almost here, many of my thoughts are consumed with his birth. thoughts of holding my precious little son in my arms (whether he is born still or alive). seeing his perfect little body and frail little frame, being able to snuggle close, whisper into his ears about how much is family loves him, and how much more his Heavenly Father does. Sharing these moments with those closest to me, my hubby and other family members. being able, for the second time, to experience the joy of birth, the miracle of new life.

there is uncertainty in how much time we will have with Chase, which can make it hard...the uncertainty, the unknown. but what IS known is where my little one is going when he leaves us and where he will be awaiting for us when we return to him.

making preparations for that special day has been hard. thinking through hard choices, things i never imagined i would be doing for my own child. but one of the most difficult preparations has been a lack there of - not making the necessary preparations here at the house. carson and i spend hours in his 'playroom' which would have been chase's new nursery. there are times when the pain runs deep thinking of what might have been. it is in those times that i am reminded that the Lord is preparing chase a room in His house. a room beyond comparison to anything i could provide or dream of here. A room where my baby chase will be well cared for, loved, provided for beyond the means that i, as his earthly mother could do. He will lay his head down to rest at night with only glorious, sinless, joyful thoughts of his Lord and Savior. He will be whole again, free from sin, free from the tangles and snares of this world. he will be given so much more than i could offer him. And that brings me joy, MUCH JOY! the pain still runs deep and time waiting is still hard, but there is hope and that makes all the difference!