Monday, January 7

We have been busy!

It has been a long time since i last posted! In the past two weeks we moved our house into a storage unit, settled on our home, moved into the Jansen's basement, and celebrated Christmas with the Smiths. We have experienced nothing but the Lords grace to us in each event. He provided SO many people to help us, making the move possible. Thank you to all the helping hands. He provided a rich time with family, enjoying time with one another and celebrating the birth of our Saviour again (what more could you ask for?). The Lord provide us an amazing temporary living situation with the Jansen's (so much more than we deserve). They have not only opened their home to us, but welcomed us as family. Words can not express how thankful we are to them...we will be eternally indebted to them. Thank you Jansen's!!!

I regret that I hardly took any pictures while we were with the Smiths. This is the only one I have from our time opening gifts.

Dave got Alice a puppy for Christmas...little Jovi!

Carson LOVES Jovi. He had the best time chasing her outside (getting tackled again and again and again).

Carson loves being at Dutch (Dennis) and Gigi's (Susan)house. It has taken him a while to adjust to all the change and understand that we are not leaving to go back home. We are getting into more and more of a routine each day. We have all enjoyed every moment that we are able to spend with the Jansen's and learn from their compelling examples in so many ways.

And Carson has a new best friend...the family dog Cassie! Here he is getting lots of kisses.