Saturday, September 25


Carson had his first football practice today. Both Dada and Carson have been SO excited for this. Carson did great on his first day...he has already asked when we are going back.

Jade having some fun while watching big brother play.


Belly Shot

Here is a belly shot for those family members asking to see! Sorry it has taken me SO long. Baby boy Miller at 30 weeks.

Friday, September 24

Wednesday Night Dinners at the Bury

Every Wednesday night we have a dinner at our house for any students who want to come. It has become an event that our whole family has come to love! Here are a few pictures from this past Wednesday night.

Thursday, September 16

Carson's new hair cut!

Carson has been wanting to 'buzz' his head just like Dada. We decided to go for it and have a little fun while we were at it. Of course Carson loves it....Mama is not too sure! He keeps telling me, 'I look like Papa!'

Monday, September 13

Dancing with Dada

We love to dance in the Smith house and the kiddos especially love to dance with their Dada!

Sunday, September 12

Sunday night prayer at the 'Bury'

For those of you who don't know, our house has officially been named 'The Bury' (we live on Queensbury Rd.).

Saturday, September 11

A visit from Papa

A few pictures with Papa (who came in town for a short visit)

Monday, September 6

August/September in the Smith House

It has been a very busy and very exciting season in the Smith house over the past month.

Big Updates:

- Carson started Kindergarten! We have chosen to home school this year, so the whole family is involved in the daily routine. Carson is doing great (Jade is still taking some time warming up to the new schedule).

-Our family attended CLC's annual youth retreat, Worthy '10. Jon had the privilege of preaching a message to the youth and the rest of the family was able to tag along and enjoy ALL the fun (photos taken by Jean Mays):

- Jon and I celebrated our 8th anniversary!

-We had our first ever ONEU staff training here at the house for a week. It was such a faith building and preparatory time for the team.

- Students on the campus of MD are back and ONEU is in full swing (A new work schedule for Jon, cookouts with students, soccer games, football games, dinners with friends, a house full of students)! It has been a BLAST!

- Carson started soccer practice for the fall and loves it!

- Baby Miller is getting bigger and bigger (and more and more active) each day. We are entering into the third is crazy to think that he is going to be here so soon (I promise to get a belly shot on here soon).

Some not so big or as exciting events...but they added to the busy/full month:

- Some how we had an infestation of fleas in our house. Not sure where they came from. We have had a professional exterminator come and treat the whole house once already...they are returning this week for a second treatment. The fleas seem to love Jade's sweet skin. The poor girl looked like she had the chicken pox. She was literally covered from head to toe in bites.

- Poor Carson got a stomach bug right in the midst of a very busy and fun week. The poor guy was out for a few days!

- We had an exciting trip to the ER to remove a large splinter/plank of wood from my foot. A 5 inch piece of our hardwood floor wedged it's way into my foot the other day. After trying to get it out ourselves, we had to head to the ER for help. Having two kiddos at the ER by yourself makes for a great memory! Overall the kiddos did great, but Jade was terrified of the doctors. It was a great distraction, I barely felt the pain over her screams and tears!