Monday, December 27


Here are some photos capturing our Christmas day as a Smith family

Breakfast on Christmas morning

Opening gifts...

Our annual Smith Christmas Pageant

The Narrator

The Angel departing from telling Mary the news

King Herod

Joseph, Mary and the newborn King

The Shepherds

The Wise Man bringing their gifts to baby Jesus

We went to Dave and Alice's house Christmas evening. I forgot to bring my camera, but Jon took a video of the kiddos playing with Kiplan's new drum set.

Thursday, December 23

Little Ones

Just had to post one more of the little ones I love the most...

Little Miss Jaders

Two of my three boys I love the most. Celebrating the birth of our Savior with these two while dear Chase celebrates this day face to face with the Almighty!

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 19

Attack of Jaders

It's Cold Outside

It's cold outside and there has been a lot of snuggling on the couch inside where it is warm...

Look may have missed the baby in the picture!

Friday, December 17


Last night we celebrated the holidays as a ONEU Team. It has been such an amazing journey, moving to College Park, having Angel live with us, gaining a sister in Chavia and building the foundations of the ministry with the team. We had much to celebrate in all that God has done!

There was an attempt to take a photo of the team....this is one of my favorites...we were all giddy at this point and just being silly...Angel just looks a little too chipper!

Thursday, December 16


Ministry has continued in full swing since Miller has been born. Even while in the hospital, Angel and Chavia kept things running and our house full of students. This week is finals so we decided to host a Pancake Study Break for students. It is something we definitely will do each year...everyone had SO much fun. Lots of eating, laughing and hanging out...not much sleep. I woke up at 3:30am to feed Miller and still heard students hanging out downstairs!

Wednesday, December 15

Papa & Mimmi

Papa and Mimmi came for a short visit to meet baby Miller. Everyone was so excited to see them. Thanks guys for driving all that way and helping out so much. We love you!

Monday, December 13

Jaders & Mima

'Mima' or 'my baby doll' is what Jade calls little Miller. She loves the little guy!

Friday, December 10


Our good friend Chavia (more like sister to me) took some newborn pictures of Miller earlier this week. She is an amazing photographer...check her out here:

Chavia, thank you SO much for the photos...we love our little Christmas elf!

Thursday, December 9


I left Carson to watch Miller on the couch while I ran into the kitchen. When I returned I found all three lined up on the couch...trying to get as close to the little guys as possible. They both love little Miller so much!

Monday, December 6


Our dear friend Kristen initiated/offered to come and help out in anyway that she could (for those of you who know Kristen, this is not a surprise). Jon worked a full day on Sunday (the kids and I stayed home from church). Kristen showed up after church, cleaned my whole house, did my laundry, watched the kiddos so I could run to Target, helped get ready for and feed people at our Sunday night Bible study and prayer mtg, stayed the rest of the evening laughing, watching football, telling hilarious stories (as only Kristen can) till I went to bed at 1am (what time did you leave Kristen?!?). On top of all this she snapped a few shots of Carson and Miller together. For those of you who don't know, Kristen is an AMAZING photographer. Amazing may not cut it! She runs her own can check her out here:

Kristen, we love you and are so grateful to God for the gift that you are to our family.

You can see from the photos that there is no doubt that Carson LOVES his brother.


My dear friend Heather sent me this photo she took in the hospital...i just love it!

Friday, December 3

Miller Joseph Smith

Miller Joseph Smith made an early entrance into the world (an answer to prayer that I did not have to be induced!). He was born on November 30th at 12:26am. 7lb 8oz, 19 inches long. It was the fastest and easiest delivery yet! We are all home and doing well...falling more in love with this little guy each moment!

Coming home...getting love from everyone...

Some extra love from little Jaders.