Thursday, March 29

help you?

carson's newest cutest saying is 'help you.' when in need of help, instead of saying 'help please' like he has been for months, he now says, 'help you.' it melts my heart every time.

Sunday, March 25

let us formally introduce you...

Seth and Janet Remsnyder. It has been three momths now that they have been living with us and we LOVE it! we have learned so much from both of thier examples and are so thankful to God for the freindship He has given us as couples. I am sure that you will be seeing more of them in posts to come!

Thursday, March 15

a window into carson's life...

Here he is..McQueen!!!

Playing with his cars in a house we built out of a box


Coloring pictures of McQueen on the house we built out of a box

This is Carson's drawing of McQueen

A family night at home sliding down the stairs on an old matress!

Carson was sick for a few days. to make our days at home more exciting we set up his tent. he enjoyed playing in it for hours in his McQueen pjs!

Helping mama make a meatloaf!

Wednesday, March 14

A trip to NC

Carson and I have spent the last few days in NC visiting the most adorable new newphew/cousin! bobby is adorable and is such a good baby. and kristiina is doing an amazing job as a new mommy! here are a few random pics from our time there...

Saturday, March 3

my new nephew bobby...

he is just too darn cute not to post pics of the adorable little guy!!!