Monday, February 14

After bath...

with my crazy wet hair!

Tuesday, February 8

Monday, February 7

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Party at the Bury

Signs Carson excited all day for the big game

It was extra special cause Papa was in town

Friday, February 4

Dada and Miller

I just have to post another picture of these two....cause I love them so much!

Wednesday, February 2

Mrs. Cabrera

Mrs. Cabrera (Angel's mom) comes every Wednesday to cook dinner for our evangelistic bible study and help with the kids in anyway that she can. I came downstairs from doing school with Carson today to this...Jade helping prepare dinner!

Angel took these photos with his phone while I was at the gym and Mrs. Cabrera was watching the kiddos.

I love how much our children love her and am so thankful to God for the many ways that she loves and serves our family!