Saturday, December 27


This is what Carson looked like after rest time yesterday...

While going to the bathroom during rest time he found a highlighter and took it upon himself to decorate himself like a 'pirate.' I scrubbed for 5 minutes and he still has a pink glow on his face!

Friday, December 26

What a wonderful Christmas celebration we had, celebrating the birth of our Savior with family. We enjoyed a relaxed Christmas morning (waiting for the arrival of Dave, Alice and baby Kiplan). Carson helped me make Christmas breakfast, made a gingerbread house with Nana and waited very patiently to open gifts! The rest of our time was SO relaxing! We played with new toys, ate a wonderful dinner, talked a ton, played the Wii the following day and just enjoyed one another's company.

Reading books with Nana on Christmas Eve

Helping mama make banana bread on Christmas morning

Seeing his new Spiderman Scooter under the tree for the first time

Opening gifts and playing his new guitar

Davie and Alice

The adorable little Kiplan

One VERY special Christmas surprise was the purchase of a new car!! Jon and I have been planning to get a second car soon (we have had one car for over a year now) and Jon has been researching a ton -trying to find a good deal. Jon called on Christmas Eve to say that a dealership was offering a great deal and that we needed to go look at it. We ended up driving the car home with us that night! What an unexpected surprise for me...I LOVE the new van. How undeserving I am this Christmas in so many ways!!!!

Tuesday, December 23


This was too funny not to post. We are getting ready to go to our church's Christmas Eve service. Carson looked at my belly and said, 'little girl is getting SO big, soon she is going to turn into a big dog. I can't wait.'

I hope he is not too disapointed when he gets a sister instead of a dog!

Sunday, December 21

More fun...

Some of the festive activities we enjoyed the rest of the week...

Making our annual gingerbread houses with the Hydoski boys. Thanks Aunt Betty for the gift in a gingerbread house. The boys had a great time, although they enjoyed eating the sugar and tackling one another more than the actual building part!

Last night we had a Christmas party with Jon's leaders and assistants. Unfortunately, I did not take that many good pics. Although I am unable to document the night, it was a great time of fellowship and fun.

Thursday, December 18

Holiday Fun

We have been enjoying holiday festivities almost everyday of this week. Yesterday, Carson and I baked cookies with my mother and sister-in-law. It was such a blessing to spend the whole morning with the girls and for Carson to enjoy part of the baking fun. The best part of our time together was watching Carson interact with his cousin Kiplan. He showed such affection and love for the little guy!

At school today there was a Christmas party that parents were invited to attend. It was precious to watch the students sing songs and then they did a Christmas play. Carson was one of the Wise Men...he was very proud of his role and mama was very proud of it too!

I will post later this week with more holiday fun!

Oh, and yes the big red spot on Carson's nose is a boo-boo. Within in one week he was run over by a golf cart (his legs) and then took a nose plant on the pavement (I am so grateful that we have one tough cookie)!

Here are some pictures of our time baking with Nana and Alice

Pictures from the school party today.

Carson singing songs...

The wise man...

Wednesday, December 17

Baby Update

Little girl is scheduled to enter into the world in about 5 weeks, it is hard to believe! A huge praise report is how I have been doing physically. For the past three weeks or so, I have been feeling much better. It has been such a tremendous blessing. We slowly are making preparations for her arrival, but I hope to put more attention and focus into it after the holiday season. Carson is very excited for his little sister to is adorable to talk with him about her and the reality of what it is going to mean for him to have a sister. Not sure how much he understands, but it is precious to see the real excitement in his heart.

Monday, December 8


It has been a long time since I have posted... We traveled to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with
the Foy family. It is always good to spend time with extended family- we only get to see them a few times each year. And Papa and Mimmi always go above and beyond to make our time there special. Jon and I just got back from spending some time away in Baltimore with our best friends, the Simmons, Lees and Hydros. It was a wonderful time filled with many memories! Upon our return to Gaithersburg, we picked up all the kiddos and got our Christmas trees together (an annual tradition). Carson had a GREAT time decorating the tree tonight!

A family photo from our time in North Carolina

Some pictures from our time away in Baltimore as couples

Some shots of a few of the kiddos getting our Christmas trees

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The final product (notice how many decorations are on the lower half of the tree)

Tuesday, November 11

Celebrating our Glory Baby

This past week (I am behind on posting) we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our dear little Chase. It was a wonderful day celebrating his life and again being amazed at all the ways the Lord has brought glory to His name in and through his life and death. We thank God for our boy, he has taught us more than anyone we know about the pursuing love and goodness of our Heavenly Father. Oh how I long for the day when we will all be together again. We miss you precious one.

A poor attempt at a family photo!

Psalm 23.6 “Surely His mercy and goodness shall pursue me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Wednesday, November 5

Bob Villa to the Rescue

My dad (also known as Bob Villa around our house)came into town last week to help paint Carson's big boy room. With the spare time he had when he was done, he re-painted the kids bath too! We are so grateful for all the hard work that he looks great. Carson loves his new 'surfer' room. Thank you dad for taking a whole week to serve us! We love ya.

The pictures are not that great. The rooms are small and hard to capture on film. Here are a few before and after shots.

Carson's Room Before

Carson's Room After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After