Thursday, September 25

Updates from the Smith Household

Life here at the Smith household has been nothing but dull! We spent this past Saturday in the ER with Carson (this is now our 4th time there). While at a friends house, he tripped and fell, catching his fall on the corner of the coffee table. After the initial cry, he did great. Such a brave big boy. He ended up getting six stitches above his eye.

I don't have a good picture that really shows the injury

Other than that, we are all doing well. Carson LOVES school. He wakes up on school days asking if it is time yet to go see Mrs. Ellis (his teacher). I am so grateful for how well he has adjusted and his growing love for his class. Today the parents were invited to a musical performance. It was precious to watch all the kids half participate in the songs being are a few pics.

I thought I would include some pictures from the new photographer of the house. Carson loves taking pictures with my big camera. Here are a few of his personal favorites (he is very fond of his foot shot). He even got one of his babysitter Erin tonight!!

Monday, September 8

It is a....


Carson has been right along! Our appointment this morning was very exciting for all of us. Little girly is doing GREAT, we could not be more thankful to God. We promise to keep you updated as time goes on (and once a name for the little one is determined).

Saturday, September 6

Rainy Day

It poured ALL day today...what better time for crafts. Carson has LOVED doing crafts lately (I think we spent half the day at the kitchen table doing all sorts of arts and crafts). Here is Carson's favorite completed project...Monkey face masks. The best part was acting like monkeys for the rest of the afternoon!

Thursday, September 4

First Day of School

We decided to enroll Carson in a pre-school program at Church of the Redeemer. He has been on the waiting list all summer and we just heard back last Friday that he was accepted into the program. Today was his first day! He has been very apprehensive about going to school without mama. He did great today since it was mandatory that mom or dad stay for the duration of the class. Next class is Tuesday, where he will be on his own. It was such a joy to experience this first with Carson...walking hand in hand into the school room I was shocked by the reality of what we were doing. My boy is in pre-school. What a big boy he has become.

Jon and I are so excited for this opportunity for Carson, we trust that the Lord has much in store for him this year.

Tuesday, September 2

Big Cut

We went to get Carson's hair cut yesterday. She took some off and it just looked bad. I went ahead and gave her the a-okay to go shorter. We definitely got short...

Labor Day Fun

We went over to the Jansen's yesterday for a small Labor Day gathering. It is always refreshing and relaxing to enjoy good food and fellowship with friends. Thank you Jansen family for having us over (and hosting such a wonderful event, as always).

Gigi bought a 'shooter rocket' the the kids LOVED! The boys played with this till we had to pull them away to go home.