Monday, May 31

Fun in the Sun

Enjoying the holiday weekend by spending some time in the pool and playing lacrosse with Dada (after watching the Finals)!

Sunday, May 30

Our New Home

For those of you who don't know yet and for those of you who have been asking to see pictures...we moved! Jon's position at church is changing. He will be working full time as the campus director of ONEU (our church's campus outreach ministry) at the University of Maryland. We moved so that we could be as close to the campus as possible. The Lord has blessed us in countless number of ways since we made the move. One blessing being the provision of our amazing home. More updates about our new life here in CP to come!

Monday, May 24

Miss Jade Lydia

I have so much to post, but not the time to do so right now! I do have picture i love that Chavia ( took the other day when she was over. I promise more is coming soon!