Saturday, July 28

micah man

jon and i attended the most God glorifying memorial service today for our dear friends- the davis family. their three year old son, micah went home to be with the Lord this past week (after battling a treacherous bought with cancer). it truly was an honor to be there today and witness such a holy event. our hearts grieve with them and their entire family. mixed with tears of sorrow we both experienced so much joy and peace today knowing that micah, as is chase is free of all pain and suffering. because of the blood of Christ, our boys are able to run free today experiencing joy unknown to any of us left here on this earth. oh how much more i long for Heaven!

as we are well acquainted with the grief of losing a child, i ask that you would please pray for their family as they grieve in the days/months/years to come. luke and kriscinda are heroes in our they have brought so much glory and honor to the Lord amidst so much suffering and pain. they have provoked jon and i both to love the Lord more through their suffering and savor and treasure all that the Lord has taught us and continues to do so through the life and death of our son. please see more about their extraordinary example on their blog:

Saturday, July 21

my little helper

i have not been feeling too well the past few days (a cold that is going around). before jon left for work yesterday he told carson how important it was that he 'help mama' and 'serve mama.' shortly after jon left i went to lie down on the couch. carson came running over to me saying, 'no mama, sarson help mama.' he then proceded to try to lift me up off the couch. every time i went to lie 'little helper' would not let me!

Thursday, July 19

quote of the day

i asked carson this morning 'who made you?' he thought for a second and then proudly said, 'Jesus (hesitating slightly) and Poppi (Mr. Smith)!'

Thursday, July 12

fun in the sun

carson and i have been having fun in the very hot sun down in wilmington nc, visiting with papa, mimmi, auntie k, baby bobby and the rest of the foy family. it is always wonderful to be with family and carson has had 'fun' adjusting to not being the only grandchild around. we have been able to do lots of fun things...a trip to the farmers market, a boat ride, trips to wrightsville beach, painting with mimmi, bubbles...and most importantly...riding on the tractor with papa! here are some pics from our time here so far:

a very proud papa with his two grandsons

mimmi and bobby having snuggle time

auntie k and bobby smiling for the camera

fun at the beach

carson just being himself

playing on the porch (to keep out of the hot sun)

a trip to the local farmers market

fun at breakfast time (for carson)

fun at breakfast time for bobby too!

Monday, July 2

water water everywhere

we spent the morning at the water park in germantown with the hydoski family. we ALWAYS have fun spending time with our good friends and carson and kj are just too adorable with one another. kj is by far carson's best friend. if you ask carson at random what he wants to do, he will typically reply, 'pay width kj.' you can see from the pics below how much fun they have together!!!!

Can't forget adorable little baby Tate!!!!