Friday, March 18


Carson starts lacrosse next week. Knowing this, our good friend Max (starting defense on the MD Lax team) surprised Carson and brought him one of his lacrosse sticks today. Carson was so excited (and now is even more excited to begin playing)



One of the great joys of homeschooling...doing school outside on a gorgeous day like today.

Reading books to Jade (yes they are in a baby pool, half deflated, full of kept Jade happy for half the school day)!

Friday, March 11

Dada's Home!

Dada was out of town for a few days.....everyone is SO excited that he is back.

Here is a short clip of Miller's excitement. The flash is terrible, but you can still see how happy he is to see Dada (make sure to check out his styling hair after his nap)!!

Monday, March 7


Last night at our weekly Sunday dinner and bible study, we had a surprise visit from Testudo (the mascot for MD). It was hilarious....Carson was beside himself, laughing histarically. Jade burst in to tears when she saw him and would not be in the same room with him. Carson is hoping that he will come back soon. These were his prayers before bed last night, 'Thank you so much that Testudo came to our house, please help him to come back soon, please let me have a play date at his house one day soon, please help Jade to not be scared of him so that he will want to come back...'

Friday, March 4

Been a while

It has been a while since I have posted. Unfortunately, we have been sick here in the Smith household!

Not much to report...other than an updated picture of the kiddos