Saturday, January 28

Jade's 3rd Birthday

It is hard to believe that Jade is 3 years old!
Here are some pictures of her Doggie Family Party:

Jade wanted to have a Doggie Birthday she invited all of her doggie friends to join the fun. Here is a picture of Carson and her setting up the party in the early afternoon.

The PARTY!!!

Jade and Carson reading the new books that Tuula got jade after the party was over and it was bedtime! What a perfect gift for them both!!!

Monday, December 26

The day after

The day after Christmas....riding 2 new bikes, a princess scooter, and a digger (in their pjs, hats and coats)!

Christmas with the Smith Family

A family photo before church on Christmas Eve

Jade was so excited to wear the dress Nana got her that had a matching dress for her baby doll!

Opening gifts Christmas morning at our house

Christmas day with the Smith Family. Dave and Alice are currently fostering four children with the hopes to adopt them. Please pray that they will get legal custody. We all fell in love with them!

The newest additions....

Michele (1yr old)

Barbara (2yrs old)

Jamie (3yrs old)

Samie (5yrs old)

Little Jaders

Miller opening in a gift wearing the gift he just opened!

Wednesday, December 21

Thursday, December 15

Post- Pancakes!

Gotta love hearing the last student to leave our house from last nights Pancake study break at 5am this morning.

Then to come downstairs and find Miller asleep cuddled next to Kelly on the couch (he has not been sleeping well at all and Kelly helped out last night when he was up...since she was too)! I LOVE YOU KELLY!

LOVE being a small part of this!

Wednesday, December 14

A Fun Festive Week

We have had a full week and a full house of tons of Holiday Festivities ( and it is only Wednesday)!

Monday night we had the club Rugby Team over for dinner. The team has been coming to our house the past few weeks for dinner on Monday nights. This semester Jon has been asked to train the Rugby team in Crossfit workouts. He goes to campus three times a week to train and workout with the fellas. On Monday nights, they come to our house afterwards for dinner!

This week I made Aunt Betty's Baked Ziti (had to quadruple the recipe and then make another 2 pounds of pesto pasta to feed the boys)....thank you Aunt Betty for such an amazingly good meal!

A few of the fellas who hung around after dinner!

Aunt Betty's Baked Ziti...that was gone by the end of the night!

Tuesday, I hosted our annual ONEU Team Christmas Party. This is an event I look forward to planning all year round! Here are a few pics of the night.

Wednesday night we had our End of the Semester Pancake Dinner (for students who need a break from studying for finals). As always, there was tons of pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, coffee, friends, movies and fun!

Saturday, December 3

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here are some pictures from our weekend in NC celebrating Thanksgiving celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.....
Celebrating our Chunky Monkey's 1st birthday!

Some family pictures