Monday, December 26

The day after

The day after Christmas....riding 2 new bikes, a princess scooter, and a digger (in their pjs, hats and coats)!


Cynthia said...

Jenni & Jon! Merry Christmas! Your family is so precious! I love peeking in on your blog every few months & catching up on you. I wanted to share with you that one of my best friends lost het 12 year old son on September 8th. He was swept away in a creek during a flash flood. It's so tragic & horrible as you well know. We are heading to Nova right now & will be spending new years with her & her husband. She has been blogging since about when you started, too. If you are interested in reading about her grief, you can check it out at it's very ripe right now & all of her posts since September are about Jack. It has drawn many followers who have also lost children as you can see in the comments.

Big hugs to you and the gang!
Xo heart
love Cynthia

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Meiko Kaito said...

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