Monday, January 31

Saturday, January 29


When Miller sleeps, he loves to bury his head into my arms, the side of his bed...anything. He feel asleep in my arms the other day, after burying his head into my arms, he covered it with his own hand cute.

Thursday, January 27

Snow Days

We have had a ton of fun enjoying the snow the past two days. A few friends came over on Wednesday to get snowed in. We had fun staying up late watching a movie together, eating pancakes and bacon for breakfast, studying, laughing, playing in the snow and enjoying more good food.

The Smith family took Carson to his first karate practice last night while Bryce cooked up ap amazing dinner for everyone. Good thing he cooked a lot cause more students showed uo to eat after the power went out at their house!

Snowball fight

Bryce cooking dinner

Tuesday, January 25


So happy...

Then out comes the bottom lip...

Monday, January 24

Tuesday, January 4