Sunday, July 6

Time with the Foy Family

We headed north after the Smith family reunion to spend a few days with my family. Our time together was anything but dull, beach trips, surfing, boat rides, jet skiing, tubing, bike rides, family dinners, lizard hunts, fireworks and a large Foy family gathering on the 4th. The best part was just being together as a family. Watching Carson and Bobby's affection for one another grow stronger was priceless. On the way home Carson said to us, 'Bobby is my favorite boy in the whole wide world.'

One of my highlights of our trip was spending time with our dear friends the Hayes Family. We spent our childhood together and they are like family to us. Their oldest daughter, Jennifer was visiting from CA, so us ladies got together to do some Finnish baking. It was like old times again...we missed you Catherine!

Carson was so excited to see the fireworks. My two uncles have been doing a firework display on my grandfather's front lawn for as long as I can remember. It only gets better each year...this year was particularly exciting cause it was Carson's first time seeing them!

Wednesday, July 2

Smith Family Reunion

We just attended the Smith Family Reunion in Mullins SC. It has been 6 years since Jon and I last attended. There were many family members who had not yet met Carson (and many new family members we had not met either). It was such a blessing to reconnect with family and build many new memories. It was endearing to see how much Jon's family love one another and just love spending time together.

Our time together was altered a bit...Mr. Smith had a minor heart attack the first day we arrived. Thankfully he is doing great. He had a stint placed in a blocked artery to open it up. He has been released from the hospital and is healing well. We are so thankful to the Lord it was not more serious.

In light of all that happened, I hardly took any pictures (the Smith family is so big, I wish I had pics of everyone to post). Here are the few that I have:

Aunt Sherry with adorable Katie Beth

Amanda, Sherry, Mandy, and Shannon

Catching a 'big fish' with Dada. Well, they never caught anything, but that is all Carson talked about...wanting to catch a big fish!

Carson was so excited to catch a lizard! He was a very proud boy.

We are expecting...

baby number 3! We are humbled and amazed at the Lord's kindness to bless us with another gift in a child! Lord willing, little baby Smith will be born on January 24th.