Sunday, April 24

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Sunday celebrating that Christ has risen!!!
Here are some pictures of our time spent with family:

So excited for the Easter Egg Hunt

The hunt is on...

Time out to share the 'goods' with the doggies!

Uncle Davie and Auntie Alice

An 'almost' family' photo

Look who woke up from his nap....

The littles giving a big hug goodbye

I just had to throw this one in at the end....he cracks me up with his facial expression!

Friday, April 22


Most readers of this blog know that Angel has lived with our family for the past year (along with another single guy Chris). Angel has become a part of our family. A brother to Jon, a brother/son to me, and a best friend to all of our kiddos. I can not imagine our household without him. Great news to share....he is getting MARRIED! Even better news...he is getting married to an amazing girl...Lindsay Ray.

Here is a little window into how much Angel loves our kids and how sensitive/caring he is to love our whole family. The other day Jade was having a hard day (winning and a complete drama queen) all due to a poor nights sleep. As I was 'trying' to do school with Carson (between Jade's many melt downs) Angel comes downstairs and says he is going for a walk to Starbucks and wanted to take Jade along. Before I could respond with a yes, Jade was running to get her shoes on (she ADORES Angel). He saw how difficult school was going, how tired I was from the night before and wanted to help.

He sent this picture to Jon while at Starbucks:

Titled: Wedding Planning with the Flower Girl

Thursday, April 21


Came out back to find the kiddos playing in the mud today!

Friday, April 15

Warm Weather

It's warm enough for roasting marshmallows!! Although Jade had to bundle up cause she was 'too toad!'

Thursday, April 14


While I was posting my last post, I thought, why not take the time now to do a small update!

So here we go....basically the Smith house has been in the 'sick house' for the last month!

Miller Joseph

I just can not get enough of this boy. Out of all my children, he is my most joyful, peaceful, and amazing baby. And the largest! My 'not so little' 4 month boy is barely able to fit into his 6 month clothes.

Miller got his first sickness which turned into RSV. Thankfully, he responded well to the antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. From the RSV he got an ear infection which has now lasted 3 weeks. Thankfully after a visit today to the doc, there is only an infection in one ear (not two) and we have switched to a new antibiotic!

Jade Lydia

The only picture I have of her and she refused to smile!!!
I really don't know how to describe my Jade Lydia. She melts my heart! She is my shadow all day...she is adorable, she is a ham, she is dramatic, she is silly, she is just too darn cute! I love every once of her.

Well, Jade got RSV from Miller which turned into an ear infection which turned into a UTI which turned into a hospital visit. The result was Pneumonia. After two weeks from the initial infection she is doing much better.

Carson Foy

He is now 6 years hard to believe!!!! Full of energy, character and enthusiasm...that's my Carson! He challenges me every day and yet I fall more in love with him every day! It has been such a joy to celebrate six years with him. On his birthday we were able to have a special breakfast (even more special cause Papa was in town for a visit) and an afternoon pizza party with the family. Carson has been studying the Medieval times for the past few weeks and was able to present a 'surprise' presentation' to Dada and Papa. A week later we had a party to celebrate!

The surprise presentation

Carson has also started his lacrosse season...the whole family (being lacrosse fans) have loved being a part of this!

Admits all of this Jon got a respiratory infection and sinus infection as well. The Lord has been so kind to spare Carson and I from sickness. We thank God that Spring is here!!!!

Two random pics...but ones that show life at our house!

Angle is Jade's best they are hanging out together!

I love coming into a room and seeing Carson reading to his sister on his own initiative....just melts my heart!


There is so much I have to catch up on in posts....but feel like I never have the time to do so!
I thought I would at lease post this silly video of Miller and Uncle Angel! We love to dance in the Smith house and Miller LOVES to dance with Angel.