Saturday, July 29

a few more pics...

David and Alice arrived on Wend night!!!

Out to dinner

Dancing the night away with nana

Carson loves to make up new dance moves...check this one out!

and another!!

Uncle Davey provided lots of fun for Carson...making a ride out of a beach towel...
pulling him in the beach cart! Carson loves Davey!

Tuesday, July 25

more pics

vacation has been a blast. here are some pics from the last few days. Carson spending time with dada as he spends time on the computer. poppi, dada and carson playing in the big hole we dig each day (that carson plays in for hours, digging, dumping, jumping, falling, and more and more digging).


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Saturday, July 22

more updates on the smith vacation

Poppy and Nana arrived late last night. Today was overcast and very windy, but made the day on the beach very cool (I had to cover up with a towel to keep warm). Carson goes back and forth from digging in the sand to touching his toes in the water. He has loved EVERY minute with both poppy and nana, giving lots of hugs and smiles!!

Thursday, July 20

vaction has begun!!!

We offically left today for our summer vacation!!! we thought it would be fun to post pics (as often as we can) of all that we are doing here. the car ride went great, we've settled in and even had time to take carson down to the water after dinner. when he saw the waves for the first time he began to shout in excitment. He then, without fear or hesitation ran right into them! we are excited to see what the rest of the week holds for us


Wednesday, July 19

A visit from Grampi

Grampi drove up from NC to visit us these past couple of days. Carson LOVES his Grampi. When he walked in the door, Carson wasn't quite sure...he sat on the couch opposite him and slowly inched his way over. Then without hesitation, he dove into his lap.

On Sunday, when Grampi and I picked him up from nursery at church, he saw me and smiled. He saw Grampi and began to cry, reaching his arms out for him to hold him! Grampi was such a blessing to us all...letting me get some extra rest in the mornings, watching Carson while we had a doctors appointment, playing with Carson for countless hours, building towers with his blocks, going to the pool, helping around the house and of course, fixing a broken towel rack, outlet, and fixing up the van (it would not be a visit from Grampi unless he fixed something around the house)!!!

We love you Grampi and thank you so much for coming to see us!

Monday, July 17

We love Tucker!!!

We sure do love Tucker around here...especially Carson! I do have to say, Tucker is the best dog ever(so patient and forbearing with little buddy).

Wednesday, July 12

goodness and goodness only

This pregnancy has seemed so long, but now I have come to realize that I only have a few short months left with my little boy. It is as though my perspective has radically changed over night. There are so many decisions yet to be made concerning his birth and death, things to think through, pray about, things both jon and I have avoided thus far. At times it can just seem like too much too fast (funny that we have had 5 months now to prepare for this). the hardest thought of all is thinking that I soon am going to have to let this little one go. When I end with these thoughts, I am usually tempted to despair, but when I lift my eyes to Him who carries my burdens for me…I am filled once again with hope. He has given me grace each and every day for the past 5 months to carry this burden and I can trust that He will provide when ‘that’ time comes in a few short months.

My soul was feed this morning from the book, Besides Still Waters by CH Spurgeon (page 91). He knows our future needs and out of the fullness of Christ Jesus He provides from his goodness…it is goodness that He has prepared for the poor in heart. Goodness, and goodness only. ‘My grace is sufficient for you,’ (2 Cor12:9). ‘As your days, so shall your strength be.’ (Deut 33:25)…you will never be in a position where Christ can not help you. There will never be a bind in your spiritual life where Jesus Christ will not be equal to the emergency. Your history is foreknown and provided for in Jesus Christ.

Monday, July 10

bad hair day?

Carson woke up from his afternoon nap today with the best bedhead i've seen in quite some time (not counting what mine looks like when i look in the mirror each morning)! see for yourself...

Tuesday, July 4

4th of july fun...

We had a wonderful day spending time as a family today. We spent the afternoon at the pool and hung out with friends for some yummy food and fellowship at night. carson didn't make it till the fireworks...he crashed at 9pm (just as they were starting). maybe next year!!

Dancing with mama

Riley is sharing some her dinner with Carson

Swimming at the pool with dada

Having fun with Riley and Carthy