Tuesday, February 24

Hands and Feet

Ever since Jade has been born I have loved looking at her hands and feet. I love to hold them, to feel their soft baby skin, to grasp them tight in my hands. Why? They remind me so much of her brother Chase. Jade has Chase's feet and hands. I should say that both Chase and Jade have their dada's hands and feet (yes, Jade has big hands and feet!). There have been so many sweet moments for me over the past month remebering and thanking God for my sweet boy as I have held dear to his little sister. I thank God for the them both (and of course, Carson too!!!).

Chase's feet

Jade's feet

Monday, February 23

Tuesday, February 10


I created this post over a week ago and realized that I never 'published' it...oops! I promise to post a more recent update soon(with pictures just for you Auntie K).
Grandparents are a gift from God! Nana (Jon's mom) came last Saturday to spend some 'special' time with Carson (not to mention having him the whole weekend that we were at the hospital). My parents came into town this past weekend, staying a few days to see Jade and help out. Thank you SO much to both Poppi and Nana and Papa and Mimmi!! We love you guys.

Unfortunately, the only picture of I have of Poppi and Jade is from the hospital:

Wednesday, February 4

Big Brother

Carson has loved being a big brother and is doing a great job at it. Jon and I are so proud of him...he has shown nothing but love and affection towards his little sister. He has been a HUGE help to mama in so many ways (getting diapers, entertaining her while I get ready in the morning, soothing her when he hears her cry). He loves the new responsibilities of being a big brother. He often tells me, 'Don't worry mama, I will keep an eye on baby Jade." or "Mama, baby Jade needs help, don't worry, I will help her." I have never been more in love with all three of my little ones than now!

A random and funny quote from Carson today. It is early in the morning and I am changing Jade in her room. Carson is in his room waiting for his alarm clock to go off. This is what I overhear him saying, "Wow, I am so awake right now. I can not believe it, I am so awake."

Monday, February 2

newborn pictures

My friend Megan took some pictures of Jade the other day. You can see a few of them here: http://www.meganrussellphotography.com/?p=603