Monday, June 21

Father's Day

The kiddos love their Dada and and I love my amazing hubby. Celebrating his unique role as a Father was a delight for us all. We had a special Dada dinner on Saturday night. At dinner I asked Carson to tell Dada why he thinks he is the best Dad in the world. I loved his answer...'He is silly. He is kind to me. He takes me to church and he worships God. And he tells other people about Jesus.'

After church on Sunday we celebrated with the whole Smith family at Uncle Dave and Auntie Alice's house. I did not take many are the select few:

Kiplan and Carson

Poppi and Nana

Jade giving a cheesy smile

The following day we went to Greenbriar Park. It was such a wonderful time. Jade has proven to be a true Smith...she LOVES the water and beach just as much as the rest of us.

After a long day in the sun, Jon and the kiddos sat down to watch sports while they waited for dinner. This is the seat Jade chose to sit in....they love one another SO much!

Dada- you are the most AMAZING Dad in the whole wide world and we thank God for you and the gift you are to each of us! We LOVE you!

Tuesday, June 15

Dada's Day Off

We had lunch at PG Town Center (2 minutes from our house) on Jon's day off this Monday. The kids loved it!

The fountains turn on and off. Jade walked right into this one as it was turning on and it got her right in the face!

Monday, June 14

A Smith Update

Baby Smith #4 is on the way. He (yes, it's a boy) is due to arrive in early December. We are all so excited and thank God for the gift in this new life.

Sunday, June 13


Dinner with one of our most favorite families...the Simmons

We miss you guys and love you so much!

Small Town

We love living in a small town! It has so much to offer for our family to do.

There is a weekly Farmer's Market within walking distance to our house that the kids and I love to go to. This past Friday night we attended a monthly Summer Jam. Carson's buddy Anthony joined us and they had a blast jumping on the moon bounce and getting sword ballons. Yesterday I took the kids to a Festival just for kids. They had so much to offer that the kids loved....4 huge moon bounces, pony rides, firetrucks, puppet shows, and fun kid games.

Here are some pictures of my time with the kiddos on Saturday.

Playing Games

Firefighter Carson and Jade

Carson on the Moon Bounce Slide

Pony Rides

Lunch Break

Saturday, June 12

Morning Swim

After breakfast the kids went out back to play while I cleaned up the kitchen. I watched from the kitchen window as they both ventured their way into the pool, p.js on and all!