Wednesday, September 2

1st Day of School

Carson could not be more excited for his first day of pre-school this year. I remember this day last year as he held tight to my leg pants the entire time and neverously looked about the room and his new friends in the class. Today I informed him that I had to stay with him the duration of the class. Carson's response was, 'why? I don't want you to mama!' Despite my presence, he had a wonderful first day. One of his best friends, KJ is in his class this year which only adds to the excitment. I am so excited for all that the Lord is going to do this year at school. I thank God daily for Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Tyler...we love you both so much!

Tried to get a picture of the two together...but Jade was not up for looking at the camera!

Tuesday, September 1

We are here!!!!

It has been a long time since I have posted. We have been busy, and unfortutnaly, my camera broke and I have been unable to record our summer fun in photos. A friend graciously allowed me to borrow her camera today to take some photos of the kiddos (which are attached). As for updates, Jade is already 7 months old. Sitting on her own (not crawling yet), laughing, smiling, and always so content. She brings SO much joy to each and every day. A few months ago we noticed some concerns with her eyes. To correct what appears to be a lazy eye, she has had to wear an eye patch everyday for 3 hours. For family who has asked, here is a picture of our little pirate. Praise God, she does not mind the patch at all and does not even try to take it off! We have an appointment with doctors at Hopkins (who are told to be the best) in December to hopefully get more clarity as to what is going on.

As for big boy Carson, he starts pre-school tomorrow (which he could not be more excited about). He did great with swim lessons this summer...he is quite the little fish. He taught himself how to ride his bike with no training wheels. One night on a family walk, he just announced that he was going to ride his bike without the training wheels AND DID! It was pretty amazing. Below is a picture of Carson at our church's youth retreat. We had the privelge of going to the event as a family b/c Jon preached one session. Carson LOVED every minute of it. Here is a picture of him participating in the relay races the last day...rolling around on a large tarp covered in flour...what fun for a four year old boy?

Well...I will post a picture tomorrow of Carson's first day of camera will not be fixed for another 6-8 not many pictures to come. But I will try to keep updates coming!

I went in to get Jade from her nap today, before getting her out, I snagged a few hotos. I just love these shots of her with her blankie.

I had to add these pics just to show her head of hair!

Some other pictures from today...riding bikes and just being The Smiths!