Monday, June 22

Father's Day in OC

I took Jon to Ocean City for Father's Day so that he could could get his new surf board. In the past year, Jon has sold his mountain bike (which he LOVES) so that he could buy a new board. I thought, what a great gift to receive on Father's Day...his new surf board. Little did I know that the Lord had great plans for us...we stayed free of charge at a friends apartment and Jon was able to get the surf board that he has been wanting/researching for over a year now for FREE!!! Yes, FREE!! We have an amazingly generous friend who lives in OC that is an avid surfer. He called Jon a few days prior to our trip just to say hi. When Jon told him he was coming to buy a board the following weekend, he offered Jon to borrow his board and take it if he liked it. It happened to be the same exact board Jon wanted. We were humbled and amazed at his generosity and the Lord's goodness to us all weekend.

Happy Father's Day Jonny!

We had a wonderful weekend away as a family even though the weather was not that great. Here are a few pictures from our time away:

Jade has Jon wrapped around his little finger!!!

Wednesday, June 10

Friday, June 5

Little Princess

Carson insisted on dressing Jade this morning. He was determined to make her a princess. First, he picked out her princess outfit. He undressed her and even attempted to change her diaper. He then declared that she had to have princess shoes and I had to put her hair up like a princess...'you know mama, the two points on top of her head like a crown.'

The Finished product:

The proud big brother:

I just love her eyes:

Tuesday, June 2

Chase's Garden

Tears came to my eyes as I opened an e-mail from my sister this morning. She had sent me photos of a garden that my parents have been working on the past few weeks. They told me that they were making a rose garden near the tree that we planted in Chase's memory, but they did not tell me that they made a plaque and dedicated the garden to him. Thank you mom and dad for keeping the memory of Chase alive and working so hard to make his garden so beautiful....full of color and life (just as I imagine his life now in Heaven)!!! Love you guys.

Jon, Carson and I planting the tree a few weeks after Chase went home to the Father.