Tuesday, April 28

Spring is here...

Which means that it is allergy season. Which means that Carson is miserable, the poor little guy. He has serious sesonal allergies. Dispite waking up each morning with his eyes so swollen they are almost shut, having hives all over his body and waking up 3-4 times a night because he can not stop itching, he is SUCH a tropper! He is iritable (rightly so) but doing such a good job of trying to be self controled and obey! In efforts to serve him, we cut his mop on Monday to reduce some of the itchiness and heat. Here are two pictures of allergies before and after the cut (the second photo is bad, but the only one i took).

I can not resist but include some pictures of Jade too...

Saturday, April 18

Monday, April 13


What a wonderful Easter Sunday we had. I have been singing one of Carson's favorite songs all day with him, 'God's not dead. NO, He is alive!'

After attending church we headed to Poppi & Nana's house. We had a wonderful time enjoying the fun of Easter with little ones...an egg hunt, flying a kite, opening baskets (thanks so much for everything Nana). And of course we enjoyed great food and fellowship!

The three people I love the most!

Carson (aka Superman) enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt Nana had for him.

Kiplan and his beautiful Mama

It's a bird, no a plane...no it's Superman

Coloring with Poppi

Kiplan and Jade

While the ladies were preparing supper I looked into the living room to see Poppi entertaining all the kiddos (Jade and Kiplan on the floor and Carson on top for a ride)

We almost forgot to take a picture of the kiddos with their bunny ears that Nana had got

Thursday, April 9

Kids say the cutest things!!!!

Jon and I have been amazed at Carson's development over the past few weeks. It has been such a joy to watch him grow in his comprehension and knowledge of God and the world around him. Here are a few cute things he has said recently:

During lunch one day Carson randomly blurts out 'Enoch is going to Hong-Kongk (Enoch is a classmate of his).' 'Hong Kong?' I ask. 'When is he going?' Carson responds, 'Umm...I think 8:30.' An hour later we are are the grocery store Giant and he is in the cart. He screams (and literally I mean screams), 'Mama, stop the cart!!!!' Stopping I say 'What is wrong?' Carson responds, 'We need to pray for Enoch.' 'Right now?' I ask. 'Yes now.' Carson says as he loudly and boldly begins to pray out loud for his friend Enoch.

We have an inflatable ball pit downstairs that he loves to play with, practicing his 'superhero moves.' The other day he says, 'Watch this move Mama...it is a combination Obama election, double trip jump!'

The last time Jon and Carson went on 'man time' Carson was full of questions. He began with 'How was your day, did you go to church today?' Jon said, 'Yes, I go to church b/c I am a pastor." Carson said, 'I want to be a pastor too when I grow up.' Jon said, 'Well, that is up to God to decide if you are to be a pastor or not.' Carson pauses and then says, 'I just asked God and he said yes!'

Monday, April 6

Carson's 4th B-Day

Carson turned 4 this past week. It is hard to believe that my little boy is already 4 years old. He had a week full of birthday fun. At school on Tuesday he brought cookies to share with his classmates. On Wednesday, his actual b-day, Jade and I treated Carson to a Krispy Kreme doughnut in the morning and we surprised him with a family night at Chucky Cheese for dinner. Then on Saturday he had a birthday party. All boys came dressed as their favorite superhero. It was adorable to see them all in costume. They had fun playing in a ball pit (Superheros vs. the dads) and going on an egg hunt out back.

Birthday boy, Superman

Playing in the ball pit!

Time for cake

And presents

Spiderman Caleb

Showing his new bike to Ironman Anthony

Batman Tate and Spiderman KJ

The Egg Hunt...i just love all the red capes!

Superman Ollie

Friday, April 3

The Last of the trip to NC

I am finally posting pictures from the remainder of our time in NC with my family. Jade was able to meet so many people (Papa, Aunt Betty, Uncle David, the Sisters, Marcie & Phyllis, Phyllis W, Richard & Tuula, Susan, Nancy...), I only wish I had pictures of them all. While Jade was being admired by all Mom, Dad and Auntie K were busy helping me. Mom was busy cooking and Dad and Auntie K had their hands full entertaining Bobby and Carson. Thank you so much for ALL of your help, love you guys.

Carson was taking his asthma medicine and Bobby hopped down next to him pretending to take his medicine too..too cute!

Jade meeting Marcie, Phyllis, Aunt Poo and Nancy

This picture melted my heart. Carson was having a hard time going to bed and I was giving Jade a bath, so Dad went up to help Carson. When Dad never returned i went up to check on them. Both boys were fast asleep, nose to nose (not to mention Dad was snoring)!

Jade's fluffy hair after bath time

Dad and Auntie K took the boys to the children's museum one morning. Here is a picture of Carson dressed up like a pirate!

One day we all went to the boat yard that Kristiina's father-in-law owns. He took the boys out on the big trackters (or dig-digs) as Bobby calls them. It was every little boys dream come true. They could have stayed for hours playing in the dirt.

Carson was in awe of their boat that was in the yard being worked on.