Friday, January 30

One Week Old

One week old today and doing great. Gained back all of her birth weight at her doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Measuring in the 25% for weight, 75% for height and 50% for head circumference. We are all falling more and more in love with her each day.

Tuesday, January 27

cute words

Friends came over today to see baby Jade. Carson's friend Gracie (they are the same age) was holding Jade. Carson says, 'Hey can't borrow her."

Monday, January 26


How undeserving I feel this morning. I am overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness and kindness to bless Jon and I with another child. I sat on the couch this morning, snow falling outside, drinking a cup of coffee, cuddled under a blanket talking with Jade Lydia. I hear Carson's sweet voice from upstairs yell out, "where is my baby Jade?" He came running downstairs, crawled under the covers and the three of us snuggled together. Carson told me all about his time away at Poppi and Nana's house and asked all about Jade and our time at the hospital. As I listened to my sweet boy's voice and Jade's little squeals and groans I could not stop thanking the Lord for the amazing gift of life. How undeserving I have been to be entrusted with three little ones.

The transition home has been wonderful. Carson clearly loves his little sister and wants to do all that he can to help. I love to hear him walk around the house asking where his 'baby Jade' or where is 'Jade Lydia.'

Thank you to all who have been praying for us. The Lord is so good!!

Friday, January 23


Jade Lydia Smith
Born 1/23/09
6lbs 7oz
21 inches

Monday, January 19

Snow Day

How excited we all were this morning when it began to snow. After lunch we were able to head outside and play in the inch of snow. Carson could not have been more excited when we began to get ready to go out and KJ showed up at the front door. It was a great 'first' snow of the year.

Sunday, January 18

Baby Girl Update

It has been a long time since I have posted and an even longer time since I have given an update on baby girl. For starters...her name is Jade Lydia Smith. She is due in 6 days, but if she is not here by Friday the 23rd, we are going to induce. She is doing great...almost 7 pounds (and growing). We could not be more excited at the fact that by the end of this week we will be holding our new little one in our arms.

Here is the most recent belly shot of her:

And here are a few random pictures from a shower that a few dear friends threw for me the other week. I was so humbled by their desire to bless me and little Jade with a shower. We were literally showered with SO many adorable gifts! Thank you to all...especially Kelly!