Monday, December 24

Christmas with the Foy Famiy

We are in North Carolina celebrating Christmas with my family. We are only able to be here for a few days, but they have been full and exciting. Spending time with family, enjoying the beautiful weather and celebrating the holidays!

Carson and Bobby found a game they both could play...the wagon. It began with Papa pulling them both and ended with Carson pushing Bobby around and around and around!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a family photo for mom's New Year card.

My adorable nephew Bobby

Carson and Papa spending some time by the water (yes, Carson did take a few steps in...sorry you missed it Janet!). I wish I had my camera when Papa took Jon, Carson and I out on his new boat. Carson LOVED it!

Carson and Bobby early Christmas morning..both still waking up...taking it all in!

Opening gifts at Papa's house

Saturday, December 15

Holiday Baking

We have been baking for most of the afternoon...making cookies for our neighbors. Carson has loved every minute of it. I wish I had my camera out while we were making the dough. Carson and I both were covered in flour, butter, water and everything else! Here are the pictures that I did take!

Concentrating so hard...see that bottom lip...could he get that from Mama?

Putting the icing on.

Enjoying the finished product!

Friday, December 14

Gingerbread Houses

We love any and all time that we can get with the Hydros. Today we spent the morning decorating gingerbread houses with Kelly, KJ and Tate (or baby Top, as Carson says). Kelly and I both were surprise at how much the boys enjoyed decorating the houses. Their attention span lasted much longer than expected!! Hopefully we will be able to continue this holiday tradition for years to come.

The finished products!

Wednesday, December 12

We are Moving!

We have been busy the past few months, making lots of home improvments to get our house ready to sell. The Lord has shown so much favor...after 14 days on the market we accepted an offer. Lord willing, we will settle on the 27th of this month and rent back for a week. We are amazed at how quickly this has all happened. Please pray that everything will go smoothly with settlement and packing!

Wednesday, December 5

Let It SNOW!!!

What a beautiful snowed ALL day long! And what a joy it was to watch Carson's excitement and delight in it all. We took a long walk after breakfast and then Carson had his very first cup of hot chocolate. Later in the afternoon we went back out and went sledding with some neighborhood kids. The girls took Carson under their wings and let him go down again and again with them.

The day was full of a few funnies from Carson as well. Carson and I attempted to sled, but it just did not work. After the first try Carson looked at me and said, 'i dust don't know mama...i try but it no work...i dust don't know.'

We were saying our evening prayers and I concluded with, 'Amen.' Carson said, 'and dank you Jesus for the shnow.' 'the what?' i asked. 'da snow mama, da snow...dank you jesus for the snow!'

While sledding with the girls he had a pretty big crash. For the rest of the day he kept telling everyone he saw, 'i had a wipe oud in da snow, a big one'

Here is the progression of his wipe out. The photos are not that great...but it helps you get the idea.

Here Carson gets ready to go down the big hill...

Mid fall...that is Carson under the older girl...face down in the snow...

Rushing to see if he is okay, he picks up his head, hat missing, with an huge smile on his face...'again, again!'

Monday, December 3

Holiday Season Begins

Today was the beginning of the Holiday season for us. Each year we go with the Simmons, Lees and Hydoskis to cut down our Christmas tres. This year we did things a little different...we meet for lunch and then instead of traveling to cut down our trees (due to how cold it was and having two VERY pregnant mommies) we went to a local nursery to 'pick' out our trees.

Carson, KJ and Riley cheesing for the camera at lunch

Arriving at the nursery

Jet found a tree

How much do you like that tree, Jet?

THIS much!

A Simmons family shot

Bundling up to stay was cold!

It was so cold that the kiddos played in the car to stay warm

Except Carson and KJ. They were content to play with the rocks in the cold

The cars packed up...ready to go home to decorate!

Once we got home, we decorated the house and set up the Christmas tree. We have a tradition of eating appetizers and decorating the tree and then watching our first holiday movie of the season. It was a wonderful day!

Carson has loved the manger the best so far!

The only family photo taken all day

The finished product