Tuesday, June 27

trash excitment!!!!

For those of you who heard Brain's sermon this past Sunday, you'll remember his illustration about Liam and the garbage truck. his illustration became alive in the smith household today. i went to get carson from his morning nap. as soon as i turned off the noise maker in his room he heard the 'beep, beep, beep,' from the garbage truck backing up. his eyes widended and he began frantically grabbing for the curtain next to his crib (little does he understand that it looks out to the backyard). his arms threw high into the air and with desperation on his face, he whinned for me to pick him up. we rushed to the front window so he could see his friends, the garbage men! his intensity and seriousness made me laugh the whole time!

Monday, June 26

Smith baby #2 is a....

BOY! We found out at our last doctor’s appointment that we are having a baby boy! No names as of yet, but we will keep you posted. Carson was very active in the womb, but nothing compared to this little fellow. As I lie awake at night from his fierce kicks, elbows and jabs, I imagine that he is going to be strong. I imagine that just like his big brother he is going to love to dance and run and kick the ball. I love to imagine him running, unlike Carson constrained by mama’s words of, ‘no street, son,’ or ‘hold mama’s hand,’ or the fence in our backyard, I picture him running in fields so vast and beautiful- beyond my imagination. Colors so vibrant and alive, too beautiful for my meager mind to comprehend. I picture him dancing to a melody never heard before by Carson or I. A melody so sweet, so fragrant, so amazing, breathing life into his soul. I imagine his smile (will he have a dimple like his brother), will his eyes glisten, be blue?!? I imagine him worshiping and dancing from day one, something that has taken Carson a year to figure out…this little one will be doing from the very beginning. I imagine the day when I will be able to dance hand in hand with my son… not on his wedding day…but on a day more glorious and more special…the day when we will both be face to face with our Savior!

It breaks my heart to imagine how frail and weak my little boy is now within the womb. But when he kicks me with such strength, I am reminded how in only a few short months he will be made new…no deformities, no weakness!!! I imagine how the Lord is going to use my son’s strength for his glory and his purposes in Heaven. What even brings me more delight is to know that the strength of the Lord truly is going to be his delight each and every day. How precious these moments are for me as a mommy, to feel my son within me. My love for my new son grows stronger with each and every kick. I know that far too soon I will long for these days again (as hard as some of them have physically been). I am blessed with this time now that he is my womb, for I know until ‘that day’ comes when I will see him again, this is my time with my precious little boy! Please pray that I cherisher each and every one.

Whats new with us?!?

Carson is turning more and more into a little boy each day (although i still try to baby him as much as possible). He is saying more words by the minute...apple, ballon, ball, all done, amen, tuck, baba (bottle), and his favorite, bye-bye. He loves to wave (a backwards wave to himself) and say bye bye when anyone leaves the room. He LOVES to dance. he hears the word 'music' and his beautiful blue eyes light up in excitment. He loves to jump around in his crib after a nap, throwing his animals and blankie out and going crazy (jumping, throwing himself down, running back and forth). and is laugh is priceless...my favorite is his little squeel. he smiles so big (his little dimple comes out) and you can just see the delight in his eyes. he brings us so much joy...an undeserving gift, indeed!

The whole family was having a dance party...Tucker included!!!

Sunday, June 18


Dada, I LOVE you because…..
You always make me smile. You give me tons of hugs and kisses and always tell me you love me. You give the best baths (you’re the only one who knows how to make the waterfall). You give me the ‘good’ snacks…chips, chettos (things mama usually doesn’t do). And talking about food…you give me tons of sugar! When you get home from work, its loud time…fun time… the best time of the day. You play rough with me, throwing me on the couch, throwing pillows at me. You let me ride Tucker. You give the best smonkers ever. You convince mama to buy the cool flip flops and cool clothes. I always see you reading your bible in the morning and praying to God (although I’m not quite sure what it means, I know it must be important if you do it every day). I can’t wait to be able to read to do it just like you. you always tell me you are praying for me, I know you love me cause you do. You serve mama and me every day, by going to work to serve God’s people and then coming home to play with me and help mama in so many ways. I can’t wait to get big like you so that I can do everything just like you do! I love you so much dada and there is no one in the world that I would rather be like, thank you for your example! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

Friday, June 9

Ice Cream at the Rio

One of our favorite spots to go is the Rio. We decided to go tonight after dinner so that Carson could watch the ducks in the pond, run around like a crazy man and eat some yummy ice cream.

Wednesday, June 7


Carson has found a new favorite for the summer time...the pool! he loves going to the community pool and today discovered his own pool in the backyard.