Monday, April 10

checkin in

This past week Jenni and I have been truly overwhelmed by the love and care of our family, friends and church body. We have recieved numerous emails, consistent phone calls, endless prayers all communicating one thing...your love and care for us during this time of difficulty. THANK YOU! We are grateful to God for all of you.

So many of you have asked how we are doing and after talking to one another we thought that this blog would be a good means to check in with everyone. So come back for updates on how mom, dad, and little buddy are doing. We want to help you know how God's grace is meeting us in this time of difficulty. We won't speak to these topics as if "we've arrived." We will speak to these topics concerning what God is teaching us and what we need. We will post many of the questions that this challenge is forcing us to ask and we will also post what God is teaching us regarding His grace and how it is meeting us during this time of significant difficulty. We will do our best to update as frequently as we can.

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