Friday, November 26


Giving thanks in the Smith Household:

Every night during the month of November each family member adds a leaf to our Thankfulness Tree with something that they are thankful for. It has become a tradition we all have come to love. My favorite this year was seeing Jade get the hang of what we were doing. Each night at dinner her response to, "What are you thankful for Jade?' was, 'uhhhhhhh, baby doll.' There was one night a little more meaningful when she said, 'uhhhhhh my Dada.'

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Jon's thanks for the gift in one another. It was adorable to watch Jade and cousin Kiplan (they are 3 months apart) play together. I named them double trouble....if there was a prolonged silence you were sure to find them up to something!

An attempt to get a photo of the kiddos and me (great isn't it?!?)

Friday, November 19

Field Trip

We went on a field trip to Claude Moore Colonial Farm this week. The kids had fun learning some 'Farm Skills,' pounding corn, making candles, and playing Colonial games. Jade really liked seeing the few animals they had.
Here are some pics from our day


Saturday, November 6

Our Glory Baby

It is hard to believe that we celebrated 4 years now that our precious Chase has been in Heaven. As I have been looking through e-mails and cards and memorabilia given to us over the years I came across the words of a song that Bob Kauflin sang for us at one of our All Pastor's care groups back in '07.

When I formed your son in you
I knew that he would be
A means of grace to help you
Cast all your cares on me
And even though you can’t hold him
Now I’m holding him for you
One day you will see him again
I make all things new
And all your tears and sadness
Will one day flee away
When you stand before my throne
And then you’ll gladly say
Father, you knew just what was
The best thing for me
Even though I didn’t know it then
Now it’s clear to see
Your ways are good
Your ways are wise
Your ways are perfect
In your eyes
You ways are kind
Your ways are true
And all your ways led me to you
And I see every tear you cry
And I see the times you still ask why
And I am with you to strengthen you
To hold up your head
I am with you to bring you joy
Even when you don’t feel a thing
You can see
That my steadfast love
My wonderful grace
And my mercy that has brought
you to this place
Where you feel your need of my love
And you know that I will
Always be enough
Even in your tears
One day they will all be gone
And you will sing the endless song
Of love for me

More than ever, this year we have been reminded of God's wonderful grace and undeserving mercy. It has been a time of rejoicing as we have thanked the Lord for the amazing gift in our son and the profound impact that his short life has had on our famiies life and the lives of so many around us. His ways truly are good, wise and perfect!

There were many things that we we did as a family to celebrate Chase's life...the kiddos favorite by far was making and eating cupcakes!