Friday, April 9

Spring Dresses

Jade LOVES dresses or skirts. When I say to her, 'beautiful dress,' she attempts to spin around in circles.

Here she is giving her best cheesy grins when I commented on her pretty skirt the other day:

Wednesday, April 7

Uncle Davie, Auntie Alice and Kiplan are the best!

While on Spring Break this past week, Carson was invited to spend the night at Uncle Dave and Aunt Alice's house. He could not contain his excitement when he found out that he was going. We were packing his overnight bag the day before. Watching me, he said, 'Mom, that is not enough clothes.' I replied, 'It is plenty.' He said, 'I need more, I am staying a whole week!'

If they had allowed him to stay a week, he would have. He had a blast! Thanks Dave and Alice (and Kiplan) for initiating, having him and making his time with you all SO much fun. Love you guys!

Here are some pics Auntie Alice sent of their time together...visiting Uncle Davie on the job site.

Sunday, April 4


What a wonderful day to celebrate our Risen Lord!

Here are a few pictures to capture our day.

Family photos did not go so well (hence none of Mama or Dada)...Jade was not too happy after her morning nap.

The only one I could get of the two of them together

Off to spend the afternoon with the Smiths! The kids opening their Easter baskets from Nana!

Followed by an Easter egg hunt...

Poppi showed Jade what was inside the eggs...CANDY!

How many can I fit into my mouth?!?

Since it was such a nice day we decided to wash the van. These next two photos bring me back to the 80's...head band, shoes...she really wanted to help dada (but we just could not get her pretty dress all wet)!

Since Carson's b-day was this past week, we also celebrated his birthday while we were together.

Eating cake with Poppi

Opening presents...

One of Carson's gifts (and his most favorite) was a unique one! Nana is a elementary school teacher and she saw that another teacher was going to get rid of some costumes used in a school performance. Two of them were from Star Wars. She immediately thought of Carson and how much he loves to play dress up. Here he is as CP3O..

Random pics of both my little ones...

A goofy smile from my big boy

An adorable 'Jadeers' look

Thursday, April 1

One more tonight

After posting the picture of KJ and Carson, I was reminded of this photo taken in December of 2007. They are such good buddies!



Casrson's 5th B-Day

It is so hard to believe that my little boy is 5 years old. He has grown up so much in the past five years and my love for him has increased all the more! Carson brings such joy, laughter, noise, adventure and delight to our home.

We decided not to have a party this year, but make the most of his special day.

It began at 5:30am when I woke to his face right next to mine asking, 'Am I five yet mom?'

We then picked up his buddy KJ (a few hours later!) and went to Krispy Kreme and then enjoyed the beautiful day at the park.

Opening a gift from his buddy

We LOVE doughnuts!

To the park...

Early evening Jon challenged Carson to a water gun fight. Little did they both know that the majority of the neighborhood kids would soon be involved. Even innocent neighbors were caught in the cross fire (sorry Suz)!

Carson's buddy Anthony then came over for dinner, presents, cake and a movie! The night continues...they are having a slumber party! Let's see how much sleep we all get tonight!

Opening gifts...

Photos by Carson

So I am catching up on blogging! The other day I let Carson have my are the results. The majority were of Jade!

You have to have a picture of your Playmobil Castle

And I had to throw this one in...I love these boys!