Wednesday, February 24

A vist to NC

Jade and I went to North Carolina this weekend to visit my sister, my new niece Samantha (5 weeks) and celebrate my nephew Bobby's third birthday. Carson stayed home with Dada and had a very full and exciting weekend...don't think he missed the ladies of the house at all, having so much 'man' fun!

Our time in NC was wonderful. There was nothing better than getting my hands around little Samantha...she is adorable! And it was such a blessing to be there to celebrate with Bobby and see my parents and Kristiina's in-laws and family. It is hard to believe that little Samantha will most likely be sitting on her own when I see her next!

Here are a few pictures from out time:

Birthday boy Bobby

The 'Digger' birthday cake that Auntie K did such a great job making!

Adorable baby Samantha dressed up for the big party

Jade, doing what she does best....eating at the party!

Baby Samantha giving mama some smiles early in the morning

Thursday, February 11

Jade and the snow

All of this work...

To get outside.

I did not enjoy this...

And I was not about to follow the boys out in this...

So it was back home...nice, warm, happy! So much for the snow.

Wednesday, February 10

Pancakes and Snow

When Carson woke to see this today.....MORE SNOW...

He proclaimed, "That means pancakes!"

We have a tradition in the Smith house...when it snows we have pancakes for breakfast. Needless to say, we have had a lot of pancakes this year (not that anyone is complaining...especially Carson).

Tuesday, February 9

Snowed in with the Foys

My Dad goes on an annual camping/cabin trip in the beginning of February. Even the biggest storm in years did not stop him from going this year. Dad and Mom drove up from North Carolina on Thursday night. Dad left Friday morning, as the snow began to fall (heading to Pennsylvania)...leaving mom behind to get snowed in with the four of us. After hours of shoveling their way out, Dad returned safely on Sunday afternoon....only to come home to help shovel some more (thanks Dad).

It was a wonderful, relaxing time being snowed in together. Carson and Jade got lots of special time with both Papa and Mimmi. Lots of laughs, cuddles, game time, snow time, reading time, eating time (Jade's favorite time) and much more. We love you guys!

Monday, February 8

Our new friend Bernie

Thank you Richard and Tuula for Jade's birthday gift. It has been very well loved over the past week in the Smith house. And it has been named, Bernie the Bernard!

Sunday, February 7

More fun in the snow...

The kids in the neighborhood had fun jumping off of Brew's truck into the pile of snow!

Fun with a Slinky

Saturday, February 6


Lots of SNOW!!! 30+ inches of snow!!!!
Here are just a few pictures from today...I am sure there will be many more to come.