Tuesday, January 26


I came across this picture tonight of Carson right before he turned 2 and it reminded me of a previous post.

I guess it runs in the family...

Saturday, January 23

Jade's 1st Birthday

It is hard to believe that my baby girl is already one year old. I can not even begin to express in words the joy and delight she has brought to our family this past year. Jade Lydia, we love you SO much!

Jade was not feeling the best today...but even in light of a little sickness, she had a great b-day! The most joyful I saw her all day (in light of the illness) was visiting with a puppy at a local shelter. Jade LOVES dogs. I mean LOVES dogs! All of her favorite animals are dogs, her favorite books are about dogs, you say 'ruff-ruff' or 'doggy' and she squeils in delight. Thinking through what we could do today that would bring her the most joy was being with a dog. After a Krispy Kreme trip (her first donought...suggestion from her big brother...not to mention his favorite special treat) we stopped at a local dog shelter and played with a puppy in a room. Jade was elated!

Here are a few pictures from the day...not the best (again she was not feeling too well, hence not a lot of emotion):

Opening her gift after breakfast:

Her first doughnut

Testing the cupcake out...

I am done (after destroying the whole thing, and leaving half of it in my hair)

Carson enjoyed every moment of today....pancake breakfast, a new toy to play with (yes, he played with it more than Jade), Krispy Creme, finding a puppy that he wanted to bring home, pizza dinner (Jade's all time favorite) and cupcakes!!

Friday, January 22

Brother and Sister

Carson and Jade have most recently loved taking turns pushing one another on Jade's music car.

Monday, January 18

Samantha Grace Long

The most important post of the day...my sister gave birth to her second child this past Friday. Samantha Grace Long was born shortly after 12pm, weighing exactly 8lbs. Mama and baby got home this afternoon and both are doing well. I can not wait to get my hands on her! Our whole family is so excited to have a niece/cousin that will be almost exactly a year apart from Jade!


I know these are a lot of posts for me in one day....

Jade has been taking a few steps for the past two weeks (2-3 steps and then falls). Today she walked across the room!

Walking to her big brother (who was so proud of her...can you tell by his expression?)


When Jade sees a camera now she gives her best smile...these are a few today at lunch time:

Thursday, January 7

Little Girl

Jade was contently playing with cups and spoons on the kitchen floor while I cooked dinner tonight. I was at the sink, when I had the thought, 'It is too quiet.' I turned around to see this...

She had climbed in the fridge, opened a drawer and had an egg in hand!!!