Saturday, December 26

More Christmas!

After our Christmas Eve day at home, we went to the Smith's church, and then went back to their house to enjoy cheese and chocolate fondue. The following morning we reenacted the story of Jesus' birth. Thanks to Nana, we had costume's and all. It was quite the show!!! We were so grateful for this opportunity to have fun with Carson and help him understand the true meaning of Christmas...the birth of Christ. I think the adults enjoyed (and the point of tears) it more than Carson! Around 11am, Dave, Alice and Kiplan arrived. We then had brunch and opened gifts. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing, relaxing, enjoying AMAZING food (thanks Alice and Mom) and being with family!

I have a LOT of pictures to post....but the play needs a lot just to see it in it's full effect!

So to begin annual Smith Christmas Production
Cast: Joseph (Carson), Mary (Jenni), Angel & Wise Man (Nana), Shepherd & King Herod (Poppi), Narrator, Donkey & Wise Man (Jon)...Jade was napping!

The angel appears to Mary to proclaim the news that she will be with child:

The Angel flying away:

The Angel coming to Joseph in a dream:

The long journey to Bethlehem riding a donkey:

Baby Jesus is born in a manager!

The donkey watching in awe...

The angel coming to the shepherds to tell them of the good news:

Everyone rejoicing of the good news:

The shepherd coming to see the new born King!

The Wise man beginning their long journey to see the new born King:

The Angry King Herod:

The Wise man rejoicing/praising God over the gift in the new born King (at this point I lost it...was laughing so hard I was crying!)

Just had to post a picture of our handsome Joseph:

Opening gifts on Christmas morning:

Our little Christmas reindeer:

The little ones playing:

The big boy Carson:

Dave, Alice, Kiplan, Jovi and Asher:

Poppi and Carson playing with Legos:

Princess Jade playing with some stocking stuffers:

Thursday, December 24

Christmas Part 1

Merry Christmas from the Smith household!

I decided to post pictures since I always have so many from Christmas. Here are a few from yesterday and this morning.

Our good friend and neighbor, Susanne came to our church's Christmas play with us last night. Beforehand she brought gifts for the kiddos...Carson loved the Hess car...he actually slept with it last night (thanks Suz)!

And little Jade with her baby Elmo.

Jade getting ready for the play.

We had a special Christmas Eve this morning...yummy breakfast and after Jade's morning nap we opened all the gifts from my side of the family. Wow- were the kids blessed, well, we all were. Thank you Dad, Mom, Auntie K, Uncle Sam, Bobby, Tanya, Carrie, Uncle David, Aunt Betty, Uncle Jimmy, Phyllis and Marcie!

Seeing all the gifts under the tree...

Carson got a Star Wars Lego set from my parents. Jon and him spent the rest of the afternoon putting together (and they only made a dent)!

Sunday, December 20

Blizzard 2009

It has been SO much fun being snowed in the past two days. It was hard to take pictures with Jade in my arms...but here are the few that I took!

Tuesday, December 15

Gingerbread Houses

Every year we build gingerbread houses with the Hydros. It was such a joy to have Tate join in on the fun this year. I just love watching our boys grow in their love for one another. Here are a few pictures from our time today...

The Finished Products

The boys....being boys!

And little miss Jaders....I bought her some headbands the other day...she loves them! After waking up from her nap today, she saw one and tried to put it on. She wore it the rest of the afternoon! Too adorable!