Saturday, July 25

Vacation with the Smiths

After visiting my family, we went to Holden Beach with the Smith family. Despite a stomach bug mid-week, we all had a wonderful time together.

Time spent on the beach...napping...

Playing in the sand...

And in the water...

Kicking in the baby pool...

Riding some waves...

And just hanging out...

Friday, July 17

Vacation with the Foys

We have been in NC on vacation with my family. I think the pictures below say enough!!!!

Carson caught his first fish!

Cousin Bobby giving Jade some love.

Carson jumping the waves

Jon going surfing

The only shot I got of Jade...the picture does not show how much she LOVED the water...she could not get enough!

Mr. Bobby Long

A Family Shot

Cutie Pie Jade!

Cutie Pie Jade with Mimmi

Papa with his boys

We had a dance party tonight...everyone joined in on the fun!

Wednesday, July 8

Thursday, July 2

Care Group Picnic

We had a family cookout at the Lees tonight for care group. Esther had everything set up beautifully and right as we began to eat it started to rain. Children cried, we rushed everything inside, only for it to stop raining in a matter of minutes!

Despite the rain, it was a wonderful time of fellowship, food and outdoor fun! Roasting marsh mellows over the fire pit was a great way to end the night.

Eric and Lisa with their youngest Emery

Goofy, but oh so handsome Jon!

Joe and Jet the lacrosse star in the making!

Emery and Dada time

The big boys playing some football

And the little ones in the hammock

Time for the fire!