Saturday, June 14

Dog Sitting

We have been dog sitting Sugar for our friends the Wickners. She is the most adorable and loving dog (and amazing with children). We are going to have a hard time saying goodbye next week when she has to go home. You can see from the pictures below who really adores her!!!

Sunday, June 8

Deep Creek Lake

Right after we returned from the beach we headed to Deep Creek Lake to stay a few days with the Simmons family. Eric's birthday present to Jon was a mountain bike trip. The Simmons graciously invited us to join them on their family vacation so that the boys could go riding at Wisp Ski Resort. We had a wonderful time with the Simmons (every time we are with the Simmons it is a great time). Eric and Jon went biking each day while Lisa and I hung out with the kiddos having fun.

It truly was a mountain adventure for the kids....they saw a bear. Other fun adventures....going to the lake to swim, playing with bubbles, swimming in the hot tub, and just being kids! Thank you so much Simmons Family.

The Ski Resort built a roller coaster down the mountain side. All the kids loved it!

A trip to the Beach

We just returned this past week from a trip to the beach. It was wonderful! Poppi and Nana (Jon's parents) were able to join us for three days which was such a blessing. Carson was able to play all day at the beach, Jon was able to go surfing (the water was way too cold for me) and we all were able to relax and spend much quality time together as a family. Here are some pictures of our time away:

Playing Putt-putt one afternoon. Carson enjoyed hitting everyone's balls in for them.

This year was so much fun because Carson was able to play sports with us on the beach. He picked up baseball very quickly and carried around the football the whole time...wanting to play with anyone he saw.

The weather was great, but the wind was strong. Here is Nana bundling up to stay warm.

Carson could have jumped waves all day long...he loved it!

Say cheese!

Our beach trip would not be complete without some pics of Carson playing with Dada's surf board.