Saturday, February 23

Bobby 1st B-Day

Carson and I spent the weekend in Raleigh NC to celebrate my nephew Bobby's 1st birthday. It has been so much fun spending time with my sister, uncle Sam and of course, Bobby! And the party was great...Kristiina did an amazing job planning a party for 30+ people. Here are some pictures from our time:

Play Time

Bobby's first bubble bath (with some help)

The Birthday Party

Beginning to eat the cake

The final result

Playing outside with Bobby and his other cousins

Wednesday, February 6

Where Have We Been????

Happily tucked away in the basement of the Jansens. Life here is WONDERFUL! I am daily amazed at the Lord's kindness in bringing us here (or should I say, pressing it upon the Jansen's hearts to open their home to us). We are benefiting so much from the Jansens....

Although relaxing, our time here has not been dull (thanks to Carson). Here are a few funnies/accidents:

* I entered into the bathroom to give Carson his bath. He looked at me and said, 'I did it mama,' pointing to the toilet. 'You did what,' I asked. 'the plug, is down the toilet.' I then proceeded to look everywhere for the plug to the bathtub. It was later confirmed that Carson did flush it down the toilet when Emily tried to flush the toliet later that night to no prevail! Thank you Lord for plumbers!

* The family dog Cassie ran away one day. Mrs Jansen (Gigi) was out in the car looking for her. I got Carson ready to get in the car to help her look. Walking up the stairs Carson looked at me and says (with much concern on his face), 'oh no mama, Gigi run away.'

* during our first week here, we had just returned from the grocery store. I left a bag with a carton of milk and a tub of cottage cheese on the stairs to take to the downstairs fridge. Carson proceeded to throw the bag down the stairs, milk and cottage cheese exploded and went everywhere! trying to get cottage cheese out of a burber carpet is NOT fun!!!

On a serious note...we are so grateful to God for ALL that He has blessed us with. We are excited to get into our new home, yet enjoying every minute that we have here with the Jansens'.

I hope to post some new pictures soon!