Sunday, August 19

surfs up!

we have been on vacation at my parents house for the past week. i hope to post soon with more pictures and more details about our time away. i had to take the time to post a few pics of our little suffer boy. jon rented a board and the whole family has had SO much fun learning how to surf. carson has been too adorable trying to copy everything that he sees mama and dada do! see for yourself below:

Monday, August 6

We Love Nana!

we have had the privilege of doing a lot with nana (jon's mom) these past two weeks. carson adores his nana and has loved all the time that we have been able to spend with her (me too)! she took carson and i to a petting farm last week. there were baby goats running free all over the place. carson got to ride a horse and of course, his favorite animal had to be the big smelly pig!

jon, nana, carson and i went to the new National Space Museum near Dulles Airport today. it is amazing! carson wanted to ride every plane that we saw and had a hard time understanding why he could not...but he did enjoy the virtual ride with dada and the model airplane nana bought him at the gift shop.

thank you SO much nana for all the time you have invested in us these past two weeks. we love you much!

Carson even loves wearing nana's shoes!!