Thursday, June 28

another trip to the ER

last night we made another trip to the ER! after getting out of the tub, carson attempted to get back in himself and slipped, hitting his head right on the edge of the tub. after the initial pain and shock of what happened, he did GREAT. he was so excited to see the doctor. he excitedly cried out, 'hi docdor' to anyone who walked by dressed in scrubs. it was painful watching the procedure (jon was not there, so i had to hold him down myself), they could not use a topical anesthetic to numb the area because it was too close to the eye. they had to inject it with a needle. just like last time, when the doctor was done, he sat right up and was so joyful. i have been worried that these experiences are going to make him not like going to the doctor, but on the way home he was busy talking away to me...'docdor help sarson, docdor fiend.' the whole event got him wired and when we got home around 9pm, he was no where ready for bed! he got to stay up having 'special time' with mama! it was a sweet memory indeed.

here is a picture taken at breakfast this morning of his swollen eye!

Monday, June 25

quotes from the past few days

here are a few random quotes from my precious son...

i was busy in the kitchen after breakfast and carson was busy playing with his cars. this is what i overheard, "mqueen push king. king boo-boo. oh-no. jeses, pease hep king bo-bo...amen.' so precious to listen/watch him pray on his own!!!!

we got out of the car the other day to go to the store. on the street was what looked liked a smushed cookie. carson blurted out...'it happened.' i said, 'what happened?' pointing to the cookie he siad, 'the mess, it happened.'

carson was in his car seat trying to reach a book in the seat in front of him. he managed to get the book by pushing it up with his feet. with a huge smile on his face he said, 'help you feet, feet help sarson. dank you feet.'

Wednesday, June 20

a day with the hydros

i am a bit behind in posting pics...i have yet to download ones from this past weekend (father's day). they will be coming soon. the pics below are from a day at a children's music festival with kelly, kj and tate. carson and kj just adore one another and it is so much fun watching them do just about anything! home depot sponserd the event and offered free crafts for the kids to do. the boys were able to build thir own race was great.

pics will be coming from our time with the smiths for fathers day...but i have to share a quote (it is just too cute to wait). on sunday morning (father's day) i was rushing carson to get ready for church. carson associates church with sunday mornings, but also with dada (that he goes there to work each day). carson does not see jon on sunday mornings b/c jon leaves very early for mtgs before church. i was getting carson dressed telling him that we were going to church...that we get to worship jesus, go to class with his friends, learn about God. carson just looked and me with puppy dog eyes and in a sad voice said, 'church mama. no jesus, just dada.'

Saturday, June 16

the things kids say

i have not posted in a long time...we have been busy enjoying the beginning of summer...the pool, b-day parties, picnic lunches at the park, feeding the duckies at the rio, going to the creek to throw rocks, doing some gardening, playing in the dirt, discovering ants, worms and bugs of all types (so much fun having a boy), going to 'story time' at the bookstore and hanging out with friends!

some of the things that Carson has been saying lately have just made me laugh...thought i would share a few:

he woke up from his nap the other day and went downstairs, directly over to his booster seat and sat down. he looked at me and said, 'bol please mama." then, 'spoo please mama.' then he looked me in the eyes and said, 'mama cook food.'

carson has been learning about the gospel and loves to pray to jesus, thanking Him for dying for his sins. the other night he could not sleep so i went in to comfort him. i sang, rubbed his back and prayed for him. as i was leaving, i told him that if he was scared or alone he could always sing to Jesus. i then layed down 'ducky' (a stuffed animal he sleeps with) next to him and told him he could also sing to ducky. five minutes later this is what i heard (being sung at a very high pitch melody) "ducky's sins...ducky's sins...jesus, ducky's sins...water...ducky...sins...jesus...ducky's sins."