Thursday, January 25

a special visit

I had a very special visit from two of my most favorite people today...Jessica and Laura, my college roommates (and two of my closest friends). The last time that we were together was over two years ago (and 3 children less). Laura is visiting all the way from Alaska. Her husband and her (and two kids) are currently stationed there. Tony is currently in Iraq (we covet your prayers for him and family) and Laura is visiting family in VA. Jessica and her hubby (and son) live in Towson MD and we jumped at the opportunity to get together to see one another (and meet Caleb, Selah and Carson for the first time). i love and respect these ladies so much in so many ways...the time we had today was way too short! Lord willing, we will be able to get together again before laura heads back home!

The kiddos...Carson, Jaeden, Caleb and Selah

Beautiful Jaeden

Jessica and Caleb

Jaeden and Carson having fun jumping on the couch

Laura and her two girls, Jaden and Selah

Tuesday, January 23

a present help in trouble

'God is "a very present help in trouble." But He permits trouble to pursue us, as though He were indifferent to its overwhelming pressure, that we may be brought to the end of ourselves, and led to discover the treasure of darkness, the unmeasurable gains of tribulation. We may be sure that He who permits the suffering is with us in it. Let us not rely on feeling, but on faith in His unswerving fidelity; and though we see Him not, let us talk to Him. Directly we begin to speak to Jesus, as being literally present, though His presence is veiled, there comes an answering voice which shows that He is in the shadow, keeping watch upon His own. Your Father is as near when you journey through the dark tunnel as when under the open heaven!' - Mrs. Charles M Cowman, from Steams In the Desert

Sunday, January 21

The BIG day...


The wedding yesterday was such a testimony of God's amazing grace!It was such an honor for the whole family to be a part of it, not only because we love Dave and Alice so much, but because the Lord was glorified in so many ways. Dave and Alice both love the . Every detail of the wedding and reception were beautiful...most importantly, the bride. The evening was full of so many things...Carson being able to meet family on the Smith side for the very first time (and Jon and I being able to catch up with them). having my angel, Jessica and her hubby Mike there for the whole event. seeing friends from college again that jon nor i have seen since our wedding 4 years ago. having poppi officiate the service for his own son. catching up with my dear friend jen (who came all the way down from canada). seeing the joy and delight in both poppi and nana as they celebrated with their son and new daughter! and something that was so meaningful to us both, having the whole ceremony dedicated to our precious baby Chase. even though he was unable to be there, he was remembered by all. thank you Dave and Alice for allowing our whole family (even baby Chase) to be a small part of this amazing day!

Saturday, January 20

70's style

The rehearsal dinner last night was done 70's style. everyone came in costume and the Smiths decorated the entire restaurant with decor from the 70's! unfortunately, i forgot to take some the one below is the only one i have. jon's costume says enough!!!

Tuesday, January 16

Best Buds

Since we have been back from NC Carson has had a lot of opportunituies to play with one of his best buds, KJ Hydoski. Here are a few shots from thier time of playing today at our house. Not only has it been a blast for little buddy to have KJ over so much to play with, but it has been so good for me to see his sin come out.
i now know that we really need to start working on sharing!! They had so much fun playing in the kitchen sink. As you can see KJ got a really excited. By the end the two boys were soaked and my kitchen was too (good thing today is cleaning day for me).
It was adorable to watch the boys play together...anywhere one went, the other was quick to follow. KJ decided to take a juice break and lie down on the floor. Seconds later, there was Carson, juice in hand, lying down right next to him.

Its been a long time...

Since I have posted. Carson and I went out of town for a week to NC to visit my family and then every time i attempt to post, my computer dies. So here is an attempt to post a short blog. the main reason for the trip down south was my sister, Kristiina's baby shower. i've attached a few pics from the event. it was such a joy to see my sister glowing (in beauty, excitment and anticipation)! Lord willing, next time i post her and little baby boy (due Feb 26th), i will have pictures of the little fella to include. i promise to try and post again soon with more detials of what is going on here in the smith household (i just don't want to push my luck with this computer)!!!