Saturday, May 30

The girls...

Oh how I love my little girl!

Saturday, May 23

4 Months

It is hard to believe that Jade is already 4 months old. She continues to become more and more adorable each and every day. Just when I think I could not love her anymore, she out does herself. She truly is a gift from God. Overall, she is am amazing baby, very content, very joyful, eats and sleeps great. She is also doing well developmentally. Here are here stats from her 4 month appointment : weight- 13.7lbs (50%), Height- 24 3/4 in (75%). We love you little Jade (or Jaders as Carson would say).

Tuesday, May 19

A Trip to the Zoo

We took advantage of the beautiful weahter and went to the Zoo on Monday. One of Carson's best friends, Anthony came along with us.

Baby Jade watching it all:

The animals:

Thursday, May 14

Mother's Day

I am so blessed to have such a loving and thoughtful family. I awoke on Mother's Day to Carson handing me a homemade card (it was my favorite part of the whole day). Jon helped Carson spell out the words but he wrote the whole thing by himself. I just love the picture of Carson, Chase and me holding baby Jade...don't you like my hair?

We spent the afternoon with the Smiths, enjoying an amazing meal prepared by the boys. The following day (Jon's day off), we had breakfast at Einsteins and Jon and Carson painted our half bath for me (something I have been wanting to do since we moved in). I am blessed, indeed!

Friday, May 8

The Itzoes

Today was a great day because I was able to see one of my very best friends, Jessica. We meet freshman year of college and now both married, 5 kids (in total) later, we meet again. She has the most adorable two children, Caleb and Lydia. Thank you Jess for making the trip to see us and introducing Lydia and Jade to the mix. I love you dearly friend and wish we could see one another more often!

Caleb and Carson playing dress up

Lydia and Jade (Jade was a little bump on a log for these pics)

This is the last picture I have of Jess (her and time flies..would you agree that Caleb and Lydia look SO much alike?!?)

Mother's Day Tea

Yesterday I had the privelge of attending a mother's day tea hosted by Carson's class. It was such a sweet time. The mommies were sung to, prayed for, served muffins and juice, read to and even presented with a homemade gift. Thank you Mrs. Ellis for how you lead our little ones in ways that glorify God.

Here is a picture of Carson singing a song about loving me (pointing to me!)

This is the only picture I got of all three of us. Even though both kiddos are not looking it is a great picture to show Jade's true curls!

Wednesday, May 6

New pictures for the family

Big boy Carson at soccer practice

Pictures of growing baby Jade