Thursday, March 27

Quote of the Day

We were leaving the house to run errands. Carson held the front door open for me. After closing it, he said (with a huge smile on his face), 'Mama, I am a gendelman. I hold da door open for ladies.'

Tuesday, March 25

Easter Sunday

What a glorious Sunday! One of my favorite times of the year...Easter Sunday. Christ has conquered death and sin and he lives FOREVER! What joy it was to experience this blessed holiday with my family and friends.

We had the wonderful privilege of experiencing Easter morning with the Jansen family. Hot cross buns, fresh fruit salad (thanks to 'Dutch' -Mr. Jansen) and a time of prayer and fellowship. After hearing one of the best 'Easter' sermons at church by CJ Mahaney, we traveled to the Smith household to further celebrate. Nana spoiled Carson (and the rest of us) with beautiful Easter baskets and a delicious dinner. Carson's favorite would be playing with Uncle Davie and Aunt Alice's new puppy Asher (and of course Jovi)!

I am freshly reminded this day of the power of the cross. How an undeserving sinner, like myself is saved through the blood of Christ. Praise Jesus that He has risen!!!

Carson opening his Easter basket from Mana

Carson playing with baby Asher and Jovi

A shot with my two favorite girls...Nana and Auntie Alice

A photo shot with our 'other family' the Jansens' before church on Sunday morning

Monday, March 17

Carson's Full Name

Carson and I were on a walk the other day. I was teaching him his full name, Carson Foy Smith (Foy is my maiden name).

After practicing a few times, I asked him, 'What is your full name?'

He said, 'Carson 'lil' boy' Smifh.'

Tuesday, March 11

Conversations with Carson

The other night Carson and I were driving home in the car. He was talking to himself...

'Jesus died for sins...Jesus died..Jesus died right here (pointing out the window), no, right I died right there.'

I said, 'Carson, we don't say that 'I died' to die is a sad thing. That is why Jesus' death is so important. He had to die for our sins'

Seeing that Carson was not following what I was saying, I said,

'Do you remember baby Chase?'

He said, 'Yes'

'He died and is now with Jesus in heaven. That is why Jesus that when people who love Jesus die, they go to heaven to be with him forever.'

Carson immediately got quiet and had a concerned look on his face.

He said, 'Mama, I'm a sinner and need a Saviour.'

I am!!!

Then in the same breath he says....'and I'm the BAD GUY..Yeah...I'm so silly' (in a wicked little voice and laughing).

Well, it was a brief moment!!!

Friday, March 7

Blog Changes

I have made a few changes to the blog...why? Because all of us here at the Smith household long for summer. We are already planning our first surfing trip of the season!! Carson even told me the other day after waking up that he had a dream he was at the beach. He said, 'I not scared, mama. I surf, just like dada...I not scared.'

Tuesday, March 4

Carson Quotes

It has been a while since I have posted some of the things that Carson has been saying these days. Here are a few:

He picked up my cell phone and said, 'Wait Mama, just wait. I gotta get a message. A message from the Lord.'

We share a bedroom and when I went to bed the other night he was still awake. A few minutes after 'trying' to go to bed, he said, 'Mama, you bored? Let's make an airplane.' He continued to tell me how to make it and then we took off. He squeals in delight, 'I'm so excited mama, I'm so excited.'

It is funny...quotes happen all day and yet I can not remember them! Overall, Carson is becoming such a boy. He brings so much joy to my day each and every day.

Here are some pictures of his new 'big boy hair cut!